Thursday, September 21, 2017

Neural Networks, Volume 94, Pages 1-274, October 2017

1. Maximum likelihood optimal and robust Support Vector Regression with lncosh loss function
Author(s): Omer Karal
Pages: 1-12

2. Kernel dynamic policy programming: Applicable reinforcement learning to robot systems with high dimensional states
Author(s): Yunduan Cui, Takamitsu Matsubara, Kenji Sugimoto 
Pages: 13-23

3. Periodicity and stability for variable-time impulsive neural networks
Author(s): Hongfei Li, Chuandong Li, Tingwen Huang 
Pages: 24-33

4. Piecewise convexity of artificial neural networks
Author(s): Blaine Rister, Daniel L. Rubin 
Pages: 34-45

5. Global synchronization in finite time for fractional-order neural networks with discontinuous activations and time delays
Author(s): Xiao Peng, Huaiqin Wu, Ka Song, Jiaxin Shi 
Pages: 46-54

6. Decomposition approach to the stability of recurrent neural networks with asynchronous time delays in quaternion field
Author(s): Dandan Zhang, Kit Ian Kou, Yang Liu, Jinde Cao 
Pages: 55-66

7. Global Mittag-Leffler stability analysis of fractional-order impulsive neural networks with one-side Lipschitz condition
Author(s): Xinxin Zhang, Peifeng Niu, Yunpeng Ma, Yanqiao Wei, Guoqiang Li 
Pages: 67-75

8. Stability and synchronization of fractional-order memristive neural networks with multiple delays
Author(s): Liping Chen, Jinde Cao, Ranchao Wu, J.A. Tenreiro Machado, António M. Lopes, Hejun Yang 
Pages: 76-85

9. Effects of additional data on Bayesian clustering
Author(s): Keisuke Yamazaki 
Pages: 86-95

10. Limitations of shallow nets approximation
Author(s): Shao-Bo Lin 
Pages: 96-102

11. Error bounds for approximations with deep ReLU networks
Author(s): Dmitry Yarotsky 
Pages: 103-114

12. A novel deep learning algorithm for incomplete face recognition: Low-rank-recovery network
Author(s): Jianwei Zhao, Yongbiao Lv, Zhenghua Zhou, Feilong Cao 
Pages: 115-124

13. Dynamic response and transfer function of social systems: A neuro-inspired model of collective human activity patterns
Author(s): Ilias N. Lymperopoulos 
Pages: 125-140

14. Bump competition and lattice solutions in two-dimensional neural fields
Author(s): August Romeo, Hans Supèr 
Pages: 141-158

15. Few-shot learning in deep networks through global prototyping
Author(s): Sebastian Blaes, Thomas Burwick 
Pages: 159-172

16. Robustness of learning algorithms using hinge loss with outlier indicators
Author(s): Takafumi Kanamori, Shuhei Fujiwara, Akiko Takeda 
Pages: 173-191

17. Efficient dynamic graph construction for inductive semi-supervised learning
Author(s): F. Dornaika, R. Dahbi, A. Bosaghzadeh, Y. Ruichek 
Pages: 192-203

18. F-norm distance metric based robust 2DPCA and face recognition
Author(s): Tao Li, Mengyuan Li, Quanxue Gao, Deyan Xie 
Pages: 204-211

19. Recurrent networks with soft-thresholding nonlinearities for lightweight coding
Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Kafashan, ShiNung Ching 
Pages: 212-219

20. Efficient hardware implementation of the subthalamic nucleus–external globus pallidus oscillation system and its dynamics investigation
Author(s): Shuangming Yang, Xile Wei, Jiang Wang, Bin Deng, Chen Liu, Haitao Yu, Huiyan Li 
Pages: 220-238

21. Efficient construction of sparse radial basis function neural networks using image-regularization
Author(s): Xusheng Qian, He Huang, Xiaoping Chen, Tingwen Huang 
Pages: 239-254

22. Stochastic separation theorems
Author(s): A.N. Gorban, I.Y. Tyukin 
Pages: 255-259

23. Discriminative clustering on manifold for adaptive transductive classification
Author(s): Zhao Zhang, Lei Jia, Min Zhang, Bing Li, Li Zhang, Fanzhang Li 
Pages: 260-273

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