Friday, September 22, 2017

Soft Computing Volume 21, Issue 18, September 2017

Special issue on Innovative Approaches of Softcomputing to Netwoking Systems and Applications

1. Special issue on “Innovative approaches of softcomputing to networking systems and applications”
Author(s): Fatos Xhafa, Leonard Barolli
Pages: 5179-5180

2. Real-time processing of k-NN queries over moving objects
Author(s): Ziqiang Yu, Yuehui Chen, Kun Ma
Pages: 5181-5191

3. The Problem Aware Local Search algorithm: an efficient technique for permutation-based problems
Author(s): Gabriela F. Minetti, Gabriel Luque, Enrique Alba
Pages: 5193-5206

4. Crowdsourced healthcare knowledge creation using patients’ health experience-ontologies
Author(s): Mye Sohn, Sunghwan Jeong, Jongmo Kim, Hyun Jung Lee
Pages: 5207-5221

5. Low-power sensing model considering context transition for location-based services
Author(s): Jae-Hyeon Park, Deok-ki Kim, Dusan Baek, Jung-Won Lee
Pages: 5223-5233

6. A robust algorithm of support vector regression with a trimmed Huber loss function in the primal
Author(s): Chuanfa Chen, Changqing Yan, Na Zhao, Bin Guo, Guolin Liu
Pages: 5235-5243

7. Constructive methods for intuitionistic fuzzy implication operators
Author(s): Yiying Shi, Xuehai Yuan, Yuchun Zhang
Pages: 5245-5264

8. Succinct multi-authority attribute-based access control for circuits with authenticated outsourcing
Author(s): Jie Xu, Qiaoyan Wen, Wenmin Li, Jian Shen, Debiao He
Pages: 5265-5279

9. Modeling and minimizing information distortion in information diffusion through a social network
Author(s): Yaodong Ni, Liu Ning, Hua Ke, Xiaoyu Ji
Pages: 5281-5293

10. A discrete firefly algorithm to solve a rich vehicle routing problem modelling a newspaper distribution system with recycling policy
Author(s): Eneko Osaba, Xin-She Yang, Fernando Diaz, Enrique Onieva
Pages: 5295-5308

11. Assessing users’ emotion at interaction time: a multimodal approach with multiple sensors
Author(s): Vinícius P. Gonçalves, Gabriel T. Giancristofaro, Geraldo P. R. Filho
Pages: 5309-5323

12. Randomly attracted firefly algorithm with neighborhood search and dynamic parameter adjustment mechanism
Author(s): Hui Wang, Zhihua Cui, Hui Sun, Shahryar Rahnamayan, Xin-She Yang
Pages: 5325-5339

13. Prediction of technical efficiency and financial crisis of Taiwan’s information and communication technology industry with decision tree and DEA
Author(s): Tzu-Chiang Chiang, Pei-Yun Cheng, Fang-Yie Leu
Pages: 5341-5353

14. Failure mode and effect analysis using MULTIMOORA method with continuous weighted entropy under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment
Author(s): Hao Zhao, Jian-Xin You, Hu-Chen Liu
Pages: 5355-5367

15. A genetic-based effective approach to path-planning of autonomous underwater glider with upstream-current avoidance in variable oceans
Author(s): Chien-Chou Shih, Mong-Fong Horng, Tien-Szu Pan, Jeng-Shyang Pan
Pages: 5369-5386

16. Stock market trend prediction using AHP and weighted kernel LS-SVM
Author(s): Ivana Marković, Miloš Stojanović, Jelena Stanković, Milena Stanković
Pages: 5387-5398

17. Universal partially evolved parallelization of MOEA/D for multi-objective optimization on message-passing clusters
Author(s): Weiqin Ying, Yuehong Xie, Yu Wu, Bingshen Wu, Shiyun Chen, Weipeng He
Pages: 5399-5412

18. Model approach to grammatical evolution: deep-structured analyzing of model and representation
Author(s): Pei He, Zelin Deng, Chongzhi Gao, Xiuni Wang, Jin Li
Pages: 5413-5423

19. Cognitive gravitation model-based relative transformation for classification
Author(s): Yaxin Sun, Guihua Wen
Pages: 5425-5441

20. Selectively densified 3D object modeling based on regions of interest detection using neural gas networks
Author(s): Ana-Maria Cretu, Maude Chagnon-Forget, Pierre Payeur
Pages: 5443-5455

21. Simulated annealing based GRASP for Pareto-optimal dissimilar paths problem
Author(s): Linzhong Liu, Haibo Mu, Juhua Yang
Pages: 5457-5473

22. Dynamic Adaptive Ant Lion Optimizer applied to route planning for unmanned aerial vehicle
Author(s): Peng Yao, Honglun Wang
Pages: 5475-5488

23. An I-TODIM method for multi-attribute decision making with interval numbers
Author(s): Yanping Jiang, Xia Liang, Haiming Liang
Pages: 5489-5506

24. A currency exchange rate model with jumps in uncertain environment
Author(s): Xiaoyu Ji, Huishan Wu
Pages: 5507-5514

25. An approach for solving a fuzzy bilevel programming problem through nearest interval approximation approach and KKT optimality conditions
Author(s): Aihong Ren, Yuping Wang
Pages: 5515-5526

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