Wednesday, January 31, 2018

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 22 Issue 1, February 2018

1. Guest Editorial Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization
Author(s): Y. Jin, K. Miettinen and H. Ishibuchi
Pages: 1-2

2. Localized Weighted Sum Method for Many-Objective Optimization
Author(s): R. Wang, Z. Zhou, H. Ishibuchi, T. Liao and T. Zhang
Pages: 3-18

3. On the Performance Degradation of Dominance-Based Evolutionary Algorithms in Many-Objective Optimization
Author(s): T. Santos and R. H. C. Takahashi
Pages: 19-31

4. Particle Swarm Optimization With a Balanceable Fitness Estimation for Many-Objective Optimization Problems
Author(s): Q. Lin, S. Liu, Q. Zhu, C. Tang, R. Song, J. Chen, C. A. C. Coello, K. Wong and J. Zhang
Pages: 32-46

5. A Set-Based Genetic Algorithm for Interval Many-Objective Optimization Problems
Author(s): D. Gong, J. Sun and Z. Miao
Pages: 47-60

6. Multiline Distance Minimization: A Visualized Many-Objective Test Problem Suite
Author(s): M. Li, C. Grosan, S. Yang, X. Liu and X. Yao
Pages: 61-78

7. A Scalability Study of Many-Objective Optimization Algorithms
Author(s): J. Maltese, B. M. Ombuki-Berman and A. P. Engelbrecht
Pages: 79-96

8. A Decision Variable Clustering-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Large-Scale Many-Objective Optimization
Author(s): X. Zhang, Y. Tian, R. Cheng and Y. Jin
Pages: 97-112

9. An Energy Efficient Ant Colony System for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing
Author(s): X. F. Liu, Z. H. Zhan, J. D. Deng, Y. Li, T. Gu and J. Zhang
Pages: 113-128

10. A Surrogate-Assisted Reference Vector Guided Evolutionary Algorithm for Computationally Expensive Many-Objective Optimization
Author(s): T. Chugh, Y. Jin, K. Miettinen, J. Hakanen and K. Sindhya
Pages: 129-142

11. Turning High-Dimensional Optimization Into Computationally Expensive Optimization
Author(s): P. Yang, K. Tang and X. Yao
Pages: 143-156

12. Dynamic Multiobjectives Optimization With a Changing Number of Objectives
Author(s): R. Chen, K. Li and X. Yao
Pages: 157-171

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