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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 29, Issue 2, February 2018.

1. Deep Logic Networks: Inserting and Extracting Knowledge From Deep Belief Networks
Author(s): Son N. Tran; Artur S. d’Avila Garcez
Pages: 246 - 258

2. An Exemplar-Based Multi-View Domain Generalization Framework for Visual Recognition
Author(s): Li Niu; Wen Li; Dong Xu; Jianfei Cai
Pages: 259 - 272

3. Hysteretic Noisy Chaotic Neural Networks for Resource Allocation in OFDMA System
Author(s): Ming Sun; Kwang Y. Lee; Yaoqun Xu; Wenlei Bai
Pages: 273 - 285

4. Neuroadaptive Fault-Tolerant Control of Nonlinear Systems Under Output Constraints and Actuation Faults
Author(s): Kai Zhao; Yongduan Song; Zhixi Shen
Pages: 286 - 298

5. State Estimation for Delayed Genetic Regulatory Networks With Reaction–Diffusion Terms
Author(s): Xian Zhang; Yuanyuan Han; Ligang Wu; Yantao Wang
Pages: 299 - 309

6. Incomplete Multisource Transfer Learning
Author(s): Zhengming Ding; Ming Shao; Yun Fu
Pages: 310 - 323

7. A pdf-Free Change Detection Test Based on Density Difference Estimation
Author(s): Li Bu; Cesare Alippi; Dongbin Zhao
Pages: 324 - 334

8. Multisynchronization of Coupled Heterogeneous Genetic Oscillator Networks via Partial Impulsive Control
Author(s): Ding-Xin He; Guang Ling; Zhi-Hong Guan; Bin Hu; Rui-Quan Liao
Pages: 335 - 342

9. Concept Factorization With Adaptive Neighbors for Document Clustering
Author(s): Xiaobing Pei; Chuanbo Chen; Weihua Gong
Pages: 343 - 352

10. Multivariate Cryptography Based on Clipped Hopfield Neural Network
Author(s): Jia Wang; Lee-Ming Cheng; Tong Su
Pages: 353 - 363

11. Passivity and Output Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks With Fixed and Adaptive Coupling Strength
Author(s): Jin-Liang Wang; Huai-Ning Wu; Tingwen Huang; Shun-Yan Ren; Jigang Wu
Pages: 364 - 376

12. Constrained Null Space Component Analysis for Semiblind Source Separation Problem
Author(s): Wen-Liang Hwang; Keng-Shih Lu; Jinn Ho
Pages: 377 - 391

13. Learning to Predict Eye Fixations via Multiresolution Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s): Nian Liu; Junwei Han; Tianming Liu; Xuelong Li
Pages: 392 - 404

14. Network Unfolding Map by Vertex-Edge Dynamics Modeling
Author(s): Filipe Alves Neto Verri; Paulo Roberto Urio; Liang Zhao
Pages: 405 - 418

15. Real-Time Decentralized Neural Control via Backstepping for a Robotic Arm Powered by Industrial Servomotors
Author(s): Luis A. Vázquez; Francisco Jurado; Carlos E. Castaneda; Victor Santibánez
Pages: 419 - 426

16. Investigating Echo-State Networks Dynamics by Means of Recurrence Analysis
Author(s): Filippo Maria Bianchi; Lorenzo Livi; Cesare Alippi
Pages: 427 - 439

17. CLAss-Specific Subspace Kernel Representations and Adaptive Margin Slack Minimization for Large Scale Classification
Author(s): Yinan Yu; Konstantinos I. Diamantaras; Tomas McKelvey; Sun-Yuan Kung
Pages: 440 - 456

18. Decoupled ARX and RBF Neural Network Modeling Using PCA and GA Optimization for Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems
Author(s): Ridong Zhang; Jili Tao; Renquan Lu; Qibing Jin
Pages: 457 - 469

19. Forward Stagewise Additive Model for Collaborative Multiview Boosting
Author(s): Avisek Lahiri; Biswajit Paria; Prabir Kumar Biswas
Pages: 470 - 485

20. Localized Multiple Kernel Learning With Dynamical Clustering and Matrix Regularization
Author(s): Yina Han; Kunde Yang; Yixin Yang; Yuanliang Ma
Pages: 486 - 499

21. High-Dimensional Function Approximation With Neural Networks for Large Volumes of Data
Author(s): Peter Andras
Pages: 500 - 508

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