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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 4, April 2018

1. Multicolumn RBF Network
Author(s): Ammar O. Hoori; Yuichi Motai
Pages: 766 - 778

2. A Regularized SNPOM for Stable Parameter Estimation of RBF-AR(X) Model
Author(s): Xiaoyong Zeng; Hui Peng; Feng Zhou
Pages: 779 - 791

3. A Fast Algorithm of Convex Hull Vertices Selection for Online Classification
Author(s): Shuguang Ding; Xiangli Nie; Hong Qiao; Bo Zhang
Pages: 792 - 806

4. Adaptive Antisynchronization of Multilayer Reaction–Diffusion Neural Networks
Author(s): Yanzhi Wu; Lu Liu; Jiangping Hu; Gang Feng
Pages: 807 - 818

5. Synchronization for the Realization-Dependent Probabilistic Boolean Networks
Author(s): Hongwei Chen; Jinling Liang; Jianquan Lu; Jianlong Qiu
Pages: 819 - 831

6. Adaptive Tracking Control for Robots With an Interneural Computing Scheme
Author(s): Feng-Sheng Tsai; Sheng-Yi Hsu; Mau-Hsiang Shih
Pages: 832 - 844

7. Robust Estimation for Neural Networks With Randomly Occurring Distributed Delays and Markovian Jump Coupling
Author(s): Yong Xu; Renquan Lu; Peng Shi; Jie Tao; Shengli Xie
Pages: 845 - 855

8. Finite-Time Stabilization of Delayed Memristive Neural Networks: Discontinuous State-Feedback and Adaptive Control Approach
Author(s): Zuowei Cai; Lihong Huang
Pages: 856 - 868

9. Identifying a Probabilistic Boolean Threshold Network From Samples
Author(s): Avraham A. Melkman; Xiaoqing Cheng; Wai-Ki Ching; Tatsuya Akutsu
Pages: 869 - 881

10. Online Nonlinear AUC Maximization for Imbalanced Data Sets
Author(s): Junjie Hu; Haiqin Yang; Michael R. Lyu; Irwin King; Anthony Man-Cho So
Pages: 882 - 895

11. Feature Combination via Clustering
Author(s): Jian Hou; Huijun Gao; Xuelong Li
Pages: 896 - 907

12. Impulsive Effects on Quasi-Synchronization of Neural Networks With Parameter Mismatches and Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Ze Tang; Ju H. Park; Jianwen Feng
Pages: 908 - 919

13. Multivariate Time-Series Classification Using the Hidden-Unit Logistic Model
Author(s): Wenjie Pei; Hamdi Dibeklioğlu; David M. J. Tax; Laurens van der Maaten
Pages: 920 - 931

14. Manifold Regularized Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Hongliang Li; Derong Liu; Ding Wang
Pages: 932 - 943

15. Adaptive Unsupervised Feature Selection With Structure Regularization
Author(s): Minnan Luo; Feiping Nie; Xiaojun Chang; Yi Yang; Alexander G. Hauptmann; Qinghua Zheng
Pages: 944 - 956

16. Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Discrete-Time Zero-Sum Games
Author(s): Qinglai Wei; Derong Liu; Qiao Lin; Ruizhuo Song
Pages: 957 - 969

17. Quantization-Based Adaptive Actor-Critic Tracking Control With Tracking Error Constraints
Author(s): Quan-Yong Fan; Guang-Hong Yang; Dan Ye
Pages: 970 - 980

18. A Collaborative Neurodynamic Approach to Multiple-Objective Distributed Optimization
Author(s): Shaofu Yang; Qingshan Liu; Jun Wang
Pages: 981 - 992

19. On Mixed Data and Event Driven Design for Adaptive-Critic-Based Nonlinear H_infty Control
Author(s): Ding Wang; Chaoxu Mu; Derong Liu; Hongwen Ma
Pages: 993 - 1005

20. Regularized Label Relaxation Linear Regression
Author(s): Xiaozhao Fang; Yong Xu; Xuelong Li; Zhihui Lai; Wai Keung Wong; Bingwu Fang
Pages: 1006 - 1018

21. Collaborative Random Faces-Guided Encoders for Pose-Invariant Face Representation Learning
Author(s): Ming Shao; Yizhe Zhang; Yun Fu
Pages: 1019 - 1032

22. Model-Based Adaptive Event-Triggered Control of Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Yuan-Xin Li; Guang-Hong Yang
Pages: 1033 - 1045

23. Finite-Time State Estimation for Recurrent Delayed Neural Networks With Component-Based Event-Triggering Protocol
Author(s): Licheng Wang; Zidong Wang; Guoliang Wei; Fuad E. Alsaadi
Pages: 1046 - 1057

24. Quantum-Inspired Multidirectional Associative Memory With a Self-Convergent Iterative Learning
Author(s): Naoki Masuyama; Chu Kiong Loo; Manjeevan Seera; Naoyuki Kubota
Pages: 1058 - 1068

25. Safe Exploration Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning Controllers
Author(s): Tommaso Mannucci; Erik-Jan van Kampen; Cornelis de Visser; Qiping Chu
Pages: 1069 - 1081

26. Robustness Analysis on Dual Neural Network-based k WTA With Input Noise
Author(s): Ruibin Feng; Chi-Sing Leung; John Sum
Pages: 1082 - 1094

27. Differentiation-Free Multiswitching Neuroadaptive Control of Strict-Feedback Systems
Author(s): Jeng-Tze Huang; Thanh-Phong Pham
Pages: 1095 - 1107

28. Pattern-Based NN Control of a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Feifei Yang; Cong Wang
Pages: 1108 - 1119

29. Fast-Solving Quasi-Optimal LS-S3VM Based on an Extended Candidate Set
Author(s): Yuefeng Ma; Xun Liang; James T. Kwok; Jianping Li; Xiaoping Zhou; Haiyan Zhang
Pages: 1120 - 1131

30. Homotopy Methods Based on L0-Norm for Compressed Sensing
Author(s): Zhengshan Dong; Wenxing Zhu
Pages: 1132 - 1146

31. Adaptive Neural Output Feedback Control for Nonstrict-Feedback Stochastic Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Backlash-Like Hysteresis and Unknown Control Directions
Author(s): Zhaoxu Yu; Shugang Li; Zhaosheng Yu; Fangfei Li
Pages: 1147 - 1160

32. Probabilistic Distance for Mixtures of Independent Component Analyzers
Author(s): Gonzalo Safont; Addisson Salazar; Luis Vergara; Enriqueta Gómez; Vicente Villanueva
Pages: 1161 - 1173

33. Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network Control for a Constrained Robot Using Impedance Learning
Author(s): Wei He; Yiting Dong
Pages: 1174 - 1186

34. Simultaneous Bayesian Clustering and Feature Selection Through Student’s t Mixtures Model
Author(s): Jianyong Sun; Aimin Zhou; Simeon Keates; Shengbin Liao
Pages: 1187 - 1199

35. Finite-Horizon H_infty Tracking Control for Unknown Nonlinear Systems With Saturating Actuators
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang; Xiaohong Cui; Yanhong Luo; He Jiang
Pages: 1200 - 1212

36. Boundary Control of Linear Uncertain 1-D Parabolic PDE Using Approximate Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Behzad Talaei; Sarangapani Jagannathan; John Singler
Pages: 1213 - 1225

37. Discrete-Time Stable Generalized Self-Learning Optimal Control With Approximation Errors
Author(s): Qinglai Wei; Benkai Li; Ruizhuo Song
Pages: 1226 - 1238

38. Neural-Network-Based Robust Optimal Tracking Control for MIMO Discrete-Time Systems With Unknown Uncertainty Using Adaptive Critic Design
Author(s): Lei Liu; Zhanshan Wang; Huaguang Zhang
Pages: 1239 - 1251

39. Partition-Based Solutions of Static Logical Networks With Applications
Author(s): Yupeng Qiao; Hongsheng Qi; Daizhan Cheng
Pages: 1252 - 1262

40. Output Feedback-Based Boundary Control of Uncertain Coupled Semilinear Parabolic PDE Using Neurodynamic Programming
Author(s): Behzad Talaei; Sarangapani Jagannathan; John Singler
Pages: 1263 - 1274

41. Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Dynamic Systems Using Double Loop Recurrent Neural Network Structure
Author(s): Juntao Fei; Cheng Lu
Pages: 1275 - 1286

42. SPANNER: A Self-Repairing Spiking Neural Network Hardware Architecture
Author(s): Junxiu Liu; Jim Harkin; Liam P. Maguire; Liam J. McDaid; John J. Wade
Pages: 1287 - 1300

43. Learning a No-Reference Quality Assessment Model of Enhanced Images With Big Data
Author(s): Ke Gu; Dacheng Tao; Jun-Fei Qiao; Weisi Lin
Pages: 1301 - 1313

44. Person Reidentification Based on Elastic Projections
Author(s): Xuelong Li; Lina Liu; Xiaoqiang Lu
Pages: 1314 - 1327

45. k-Times Markov Sampling for SVMC
Author(s): Bin Zou; Chen Xu; Yang Lu; Yuan Yan Tang; Jie Xu; Xinge You
Pages: 1328 - 1341

46. Neural Network Learning and Robust Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems With Dynamic Uncertainties
Author(s): Ding Wang; Derong Liu; Chaoxu Mu; Yun Zhang
Pages: 1342 - 1351

47. Groupwise Retargeted Least-Squares Regression
Author(s): Lingfeng Wang; Chunhong Pan
Pages: 1352 - 1358

48. Consensus of Hybrid Multi-Agent Systems
Author(s): Yuanshi Zheng; Jingying Ma; Long Wang
Pages: 1359 - 1365

49. Decomposition of Rotor Hopfield Neural Networks Using Complex Numbers
Author(s): Masaki Kobayashi
Pages: 1366 - 1370

50. A Stochastic Spiking Neural Network for Virtual Screening
Author(s): A. Morro; V. Canals; A. Oliver; M. L. Alomar; F. Galán-Prado; P. J. Ballester; J. L. Rosselló
Pages: 1371 - 1375

51. State Estimation for Static Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays Based on an Improved Reciprocally Convex Inequality
Author(s): Xian-Ming Zhang; Qing-Long Han
Pages: 1376 - 1381

52. Improving KPCA Online Extraction by Orthonormalization in the Feature Space
Author(s): João B. O. Souza Filho; Paulo S. R. Diniz
Pages: 1382 - 1387

53. Observability of Automata Networks: Fixed and Switching Cases
Author(s): Rui Li; Yiguang Hong; Xingyuan Wang
Pages: 1388 - 1394

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