Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 9, May 2018

1. Automatic clustering based on density peak detection using generalized extreme value distribution
Author(s): Jiajun Ding, Xiongxiong He, Junqing Yuan, Bo Jiang
Pages: 2777-2796

2. The logic of distributive nearlattices
Author(s): Luciano J. González
Pages: 2797-2807

3. Hesitant intuitionistic fuzzy entropy/cross-entropy and their applications
Author(s): Dengbao Yao, Cuicui Wang
Pages: 2809-2824

4. EQ-algebras with internal states
Author(s): Wei Wang, Xiao Long Xin, Jun Tao Wang
Pages: 2825-2841

5. Nonlinear integrals and Hadamard-type inequalities
Author(s): Sadegh Abbaszadeh, Ali Ebadian
Pages: 2843-2849

6. Adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic for pollution-routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery
Author(s): Setareh Majidi, Seyyed-Mahdi Hosseini-Motlagh, Joshua Ignatius
Pages: 2851-2865

7. Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine controlled by artificial organic networks
Author(s): Pedro Ponce, Hiram Ponce, Arturo Molina
Pages: 2867-2879

8. An estimation of algebraic solution for a complex interval linear system
Author(s): Mojtaba Ghanbari
Pages: 2881-2890

9. Simultaneous selection of material and supplier under uncertainty in carton box industries: a fuzzy possibilistic multi-criteria approach
Author(s): Sam Mosallaeipour, Ali Mahmoodirad, Sadegh Niroomand, Bela Vizvari
Pages: 2891-2905

10. Discovering taxonomies in Wikipedia by means of grammatical evolution
Author(s): Lourdes Araujo, Juan Martinez-Romo, Andrés Duque
Pages: 2907-2919

11. Optimal solution to orbital three-player defense problems using impulsive transfer
Author(s): Yifang Liu, Renfu Li, Lin Hu, Zhao-quan Cai
Pages: 2921-2934

12. A self-adaptive artificial bee colony algorithm based on global best for global optimization
Author(s): Yu Xue, Jiongming Jiang, Binping Zhao, Tinghuai Ma
Pages: 2935-2952

13. Design of digital IIR filter with low quantization error using hybrid optimization technique
Author(s): N. Agrawal, A. Kumar, Varun Bajaj
Pages: 2953-2971

14. Facial emotion recognition with transition detection for students with high-functioning autism in adaptive e-learning
Author(s): Hui-Chuan Chu, William Wei-Jen Tsai, Min-Ju Liao, Yuh-Min Chen
Pages: 2973-2999

15. Characterizations of ordered semihypergroups by the properties of their intersectional-soft generalized bi-hyperideals
Author(s): Muhammad Farooq, Asghar Khan, Bijan Davvaz
Pages: 3001-3010

16. Byzantine-resilient dual gossip membership management in clouds
Author(s): JongBeom Lim, Kwang-Sik Chung, HwaMin Lee, Kangbin Yim, Heonchang Yu
Pages: 3011-3022

17. Modeling of Curie temperature of manganite for magnetic refrigeration application using manual search and hybrid gravitational-based support vector regression
Author(s): Taoreed O. Owolabi, Kabiru O. Akande, Sunday O. Olatunji
Pages: 3023-3032

18. Engineering simulated evolution for integrated power optimization in data centers
Author(s): Sadiq M. Sait, Ali Raza
Pages: 3033-3048

19. A novel method for Bayesian networks structure learning based on Breeding Swarm algorithm
Author(s): Ali Reza Khanteymoori, Mohammad-H. Olyaee, Omid Abbaszadeh, Maryam Valian
Pages: 3049-3060

20. Implementation of scalable fuzzy relational operations in MapReduce
Author(s): Elham S. Khorasani, Matthew Cremeens, Zhenge Zhao
Pages: 3061-3075

21. A new attitude coupled with fuzzy thinking for solving fuzzy equations
Author(s): T. Allahviranloo, I. Perfilieva, F. Abbasi
Pages: 3077-3095

22. Return scaling cross-correlation forecasting by stochastic time strength neural network in financial market dynamics
Author(s): Haiyan Mo, Jun Wang
Pages: 3097-3109

23. Improving file locality in multi-keyword top-k search based on clustering
Author(s): Lanxiang Chen, Nan Zhang, Kuan-Ching Li, Shuibing He, Linbing Qiu
Pages: 3111-3121

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