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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 5, May 2018

1. Logistic Localized Modeling of the Sample Space for Feature Selection and Classification
Author(s): Narges Armanfard; James P. Reilly; Majid Komeili
Pages: 1396 - 1413

2. Manifold Warp Segmentation of Human Action
Author(s): Shenglan Liu; Lin Feng; Yang Liu; Hong Qiao; Jun Wu; Wei Wang
Pages: 1414 - 1426

3. Computational Model Based on Neural Network of Visual Cortex for Human Action Recognition
Author(s): Haihua Liu; Na Shu; Qiling Tang; Wensheng Zhang
Pages: 1427 - 1440

4. DeepX: Deep Learning Accelerator for Restricted Boltzmann Machine Artificial Neural Networks
Author(s): Lok-Won Kim
Pages: 1441 - 1453

5. Preconditioned Stochastic Gradient Descent
Author(s): Xi-Lin Li
Pages: 1454 - 1466

6. Global H_infty Pinning Synchronization of Complex Networks With Sampled-Data Communications
Author(s): Zhaowen Xu; Peng Shi; Hongye Su; Zheng-Guang Wu; Tingwen Huang
Pages: 1467 - 1476

7. Robust Finite-Time Stabilization of Fractional-Order Neural Networks With Discontinuous and Continuous Activation Functions Under Uncertainty
Author(s): Zhixia Ding; Zhigang Zeng; Leimin Wang
Pages: 1477 - 1490

8. Stability Analysis and Application for Delayed Neural Networks Driven by Fractional Brownian Noise
Author(s): Wuneng Zhou; Xianghui Zhou; Jun Yang; Jun Zhou; Dongbing Tong
Pages: 1491 - 1502

9. Discriminative Sparse Neighbor Approximation for Imbalanced Learning
Author(s): Chen Huang; Chen Change Loy; Xiaoou Tang
Pages: 1503 - 1513

10. Data-Driven Multiagent Systems Consensus Tracking Using Model Free Adaptive Control
Author(s): Xuhui Bu; Zhongsheng Hou; Hongwei Zhang
Pages: 1514 - 1524

11. Reinforced Robust Principal Component Pursuit
Author(s): Pratik Prabhanjan Brahma; Yiyuan She; Shijie Li; Jiade Li; Dapeng Wu
Pages: 1525 - 1538

12. Adaptive Boundary Iterative Learning Control for an Euler–Bernoulli Beam System With Input Constraint
Author(s): Wei He; Tingting Meng; Deqing Huang; Xuefang Li
Pages: 1539 - 1549

13. Synchronization of Coupled Reaction–Diffusion Neural Networks With Directed Topology via an Adaptive Approach
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Yin Sheng; Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 1550 - 1561

14. Solving Multiextremal Problems by Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Alaeddin Malek; Najmeh Hosseinipour-Mahani
Pages: 1562 - 1574

15. Multitarget Sparse Latent Regression
Author(s): Xiantong Zhen; Mengyang Yu; Feng Zheng; Ilanit Ben Nachum; Mousumi Bhaduri; David Laidley; Shuo Li
Pages: 1575 - 1586

16. Convolution in Convolution for Network in Network
Author(s): Yanwei Pang; Manli Sun; Xiaoheng Jiang; Xuelong Li
Pages: 1587 - 1597

17. Application of LMS-Based NN Structure for Power Quality Enhancement in a Distribution Network Under Abnormal Conditions
Author(s): Rahul Kumar Agarwal; Ikhlaq Hussain; Bhim Singh
Pages: 1598 - 1607

18. A Confident Information First Principle for Parameter Reduction and Model Selection of Boltzmann Machines
Author(s): Xiaozhao Zhao; Yuexian Hou; Dawei Song; Wenjie Li
Pages: 1608 - 1621

19. AnRAD: A Neuromorphic Anomaly Detection Framework for Massive Concurrent Data Streams
Author(s): Qiuwen Chen; Ryan Luley; Qing Wu; Morgan Bishop; Richard W. Linderman; Qinru Qiu
Pages: 1622 - 1636

20. Dynamic Uncertain Causality Graph for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Utilization of Statistical Data and Domain Knowledge in Complex Cases
Author(s): Qin Zhang; Quanying Yao
Pages: 1637 - 1651

21. Recurrent Neural Networks With Auxiliary Memory Units
Author(s): Jianyong Wang; Lei Zhang; Quan Guo; Zhang Yi
Pages: 1652 - 1661

22. Random Forest Classifier for Zero-Shot Learning Based on Relative Attribute
Author(s): Yuhu Cheng; Xue Qiao; Xuesong Wang; Qiang Yu
Pages: 1662 - 1674

23. Improving Crowdsourced Label Quality Using Noise Correction
Author(s): Jing Zhang; Victor S. Sheng; Tao Li; Xindong Wu
Pages: 1675 - 1688

24. Hyperbolic Gradient Operator and Hyperbolic Back-Propagation Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Tohru Nitta; Yasuaki Kuroe
Pages: 1689 - 1702

25. Autonomous Data Collection Using a Self-Organizing Map
Author(s): Jan Faigl; Geoffrey A. Hollinger
Pages: 1703 - 1715

26. A Preference-Based Multiobjective Evolutionary Approach for Sparse Optimization
Author(s): Hui Li; Qingfu Zhang; Jingda Deng; Zong-Ben Xu
Pages: 1716 - 1731

27. Asynchronous State Estimation for Discrete-Time Switched Complex Networks With Communication Constraints
Author(s): Dan Zhang; Qing-Guo Wang; Dipti Srinivasan; Hongyi Li; Li Yu
Pages: 1732 - 1746

28. Cluster Synchronization for Interacting Clusters of Nonidentical Nodes via Intermittent Pinning Control
Author(s): Yu Kang; Jiahu Qin; Qichao Ma; Huijun Gao; Wei Xing Zheng
Pages: 1747 - 1759

29. SCE: A Manifold Regularized Set-Covering Method for Data Partitioning
Author(s): Xuelong Li; Quanmao Lu; Yongsheng Dong; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 1760 - 1773

30. Efficient kNN Classification With Different Numbers of Nearest Neighbors
Author(s): Shichao Zhang; Xuelong Li; Ming Zong; Xiaofeng Zhu; Ruili Wang
Pages: 1774 - 1785

31. Manifold Regularized Correlation Object Tracking
Author(s): Hongwei Hu; Bo Ma; Jianbing Shen; Ling Shao
Pages: 1786 - 1795

32. Bioinspired Approach to Modeling Retinal Ganglion Cells Using System Identification Techniques
Author(s): Philip J. Vance; Gautham P. Das; Dermot Kerr; Sonya A. Coleman; T. Martin McGinnity; Tim Gollisch; Jian K. Liu
Pages: 1796 - 1808

33. Synchronization Criteria for Discontinuous Neural Networks With Mixed Delays via Functional Differential Inclusions
Author(s): Dongshu Wang; Lihong Huang; Longkun Tang
Pages: 1809 - 1821

34. New Conditions for Global Asymptotic Stability of Memristor Neural Networks
Author(s): Mauro Di Marco; Mauro Forti; Luca Pancioni
Pages: 1822 - 1834

35. Doubly Nonparametric Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Based on Dependent Indian Buffet Processes
Author(s): Junyu Xuan; Jie Lu; Guangquan Zhang; Richard Yi Da Xu; Xiangfeng Luo
Pages: 1835 - 1849

36. Event-Sampled Direct Adaptive NN Output- and State-Feedback Control of Uncertain Strict-Feedback System
Author(s): Nathan Szanto; Vignesh Narayanan; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Pages: 1850 - 1863

37. Modeling and Analysis of Beta Oscillations in the Basal Ganglia
Author(s): Chen Liu; Jiang Wang; Huiyan Li; Chris Fietkiewicz; Kenneth A. Loparo
Pages: 1864 - 1875

38. Safe Screening Rules for Accelerating Twin Support Vector Machine Classification
Author(s): Xianli Pan; Zhiji Yang; Yitian Xu; Laisheng Wang
Pages: 1876 - 1887

39. Dissipativity-Based Resilient Filtering of Periodic Markovian Jump Neural Networks With Quantized Measurements
Author(s): Renquan Lu; Jie Tao; Peng Shi; Hongye Su; Zheng-Guang Wu; Yong Xu
Pages: 1888 - 1899

40. Singularities of Three-Layered Complex-Valued Neural Networks With Split Activation Function
Author(s): Masaki Kobayashi
Pages: 1900 - 1907

41. A Novel Recurrent Neural Network for Manipulator Control With Improved Noise Tolerance
Author(s): Shuai Li; Huanqing Wang; Muhammad Usman Rafique
Pages: 1908 - 1918

42. Sensitivity Analysis for Probabilistic Neural Network Structure Reduction
Author(s): Piotr A. Kowalski; Maciej Kusy
Pages: 1919 - 1932

43. Observer-Based Robust Coordinated Control of Multiagent Systems With Input Saturation
Author(s): Xiaoling Wang; Housheng Su; Michael Z. Q. Chen; Xiaofan Wang
Pages: 1933 - 1946

44. Robust Structured Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Representation
Author(s): Zechao Li; Jinhui Tang; Xiaofei He
Pages: 1947 - 1960

45. Extended Polynomial Growth Transforms for Design and Training of Generalized Support Vector Machines
Author(s): Ahana Gangopadhyay; Oindrila Chatterjee; Shantanu Chakrabartty
Pages: 1961 - 1974

46. On Better Exploring and Exploiting Task Relationships in Multitask Learning: Joint Model and Feature Learning
Author(s): Ya Li; Xinmei Tian; Tongliang Liu; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 1975 - 1985

47. Robust Multiview Data Analysis Through Collective Low-Rank Subspace
Author(s): Zhengming Ding; Yun Fu
Pages: 1986 - 1997

48. Tensor-Factorized Neural Networks
Author(s): Jen-Tzung Chien; Yi-Ting Bao
Pages: 1998 - 2011

49. A Novel Pruning Algorithm for Smoothing Feedforward Neural Networks Based on Group Lasso Method
Author(s): Jian Wang; Chen Xu; Xifeng Yang; Jacek M. Zurada
Pages: 2012 - 2024

50. Classification With Truncated L1 Distance Kernel
Author(s): Xiaolin Huang; Johan A. K. Suykens; Shuning Wang; Joachim Hornegger; Andreas Maier
Pages: 2025 - 2030

51. Policy Iteration Algorithm for Optimal Control of Stochastic Logical Dynamical Systems
Author(s) Yuhu Wu; Tielong Shen
Pages: 2031 - 2036

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