Friday, May 4, 2018

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 10, May 2018

1. The 16th Annual UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence
Author(s): Plamen Angelov, Changjing Shang, Fei Chao
Pages: 3123-3124

2. Improving fuzzy rule interpolation performance with information gain-guided antecedent weighting
Author(s): Fangyi Li, Ying Li, Changjing Shang, Qiang Shen
Pages: 3125-3139

3. Fuzzy cerebellar model articulation controller network optimization via self-adaptive global best harmony search algorithm
Author(s): Fei Chao, Dajun Zhou, Chih-Min Lin, Changle Zhou, Minghui Shi, Dazhen Lin
Pages: 3141-3153

4. An extended Takagi–Sugeno–Kang inference system (TSK+) with fuzzy interpolation and its rule base generation
Author(s): Jie Li, Longzhi Yang, Yanpeng Qu, Graham Sexton
Pages: 3155-3170

5. An evolutionary strategy with machine learning for learning to rank in information retrieval
Author(s): Osman Ali Sadek Ibrahim, D. Landa-Silva
Pages: 3171-3185

6. Anomalous behaviour detection based on heterogeneous data and data fusion
Author(s): Azliza Mohd Ali, Plamen Angelov
Pages: 3187-3201

7. Hardening against adversarial examples with the smooth gradient method
Author(s): Alan Mosca, George D. Magoulas
Pages: 3203-3213

8. Real-parameter unconstrained optimization based on enhanced fitness-adaptive differential evolution algorithm with novel mutation
Author(s): Ali Wagdy Mohamed, Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan
Pages: 3215-3235

9. An improved semantic schema modeling for genetic programming
Author(s): Zahra Zojaji, Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh
Pages: 3237-3260

10. Some new solution concepts in generalized fuzzy multiobjective optimization problems
Author(s): Fatemeh Fayyaz Rouhbakhsh, Hassan Hassanpour, Sohrab Effati
Pages: 3261-3270

11. A genetic algorithm-based method for optimizing the energy consumption and performance of multiprocessor systems
Author(s): Anju S. Pillai, Kaumudi Singh, Vijayalakshmi Saravanan, Alagan Anpalagan
Pages: 3271-3285

12. MAP approximation to the variational Bayes Gaussian mixture model and application
Author(s): Kart-Leong Lim, Han Wang
Pages: 3287-3299

13. Testing exponentiality for imprecise data and its application
Author(s): J. Zendehdel, M. Rezaei, M. G. Akbari, R. Zarei, H. Alizadeh Noughabi
Pages: 3301-3312

14. A fuzzy K-nearest neighbor classifier to deal with imperfect data
Author(s): Jose M. Cadenas, M. Carmen Garrido, Raquel Martínez, Enrique Muñoz
Pages: 3313-3330

15. DUK-SVD: dynamic dictionary updating for sparse representation of a long-time remote sensing image sequence
Author(s): Lizhe Wang, Peng Liu, Weijing Song, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
Pages: 3331-3342

16. Verifiable outsourcing of constrained nonlinear programming by particle swarm optimization in cloud
Author(s): Tao Xiang, Weimin Zhang, Shigang Zhong, Jiyun Yang
Pages: 3343-3355

17. Anomaly Detection in IDSs by means of unsupervised greedy learning of finite mixture models
Author(s): Nicola Greggio
Pages: 3357-3372

18. An improved efficient rotation forest algorithm to predict the interactions among proteins
Author(s): Lei Wang, Zhu-Hong You, Shi-Xiong Xia, Xing Chen, Xin Yan, Yong Zhou
Pages: 3373-3381

19. A novel location-based encryption model using fuzzy vault scheme
Author(s): Lin You, Yulei Chen, Bin Yan, Meng Zhan
Pages: 3383-3393

20. BFO-FMD: bacterial foraging optimization for functional module detection in protein–protein interaction networks
Author(s): Cuicui Yang, Junzhong Ji, Aidong Zhang
Pages: 3395-3416

21. Competitive co-evolution of multi-layer perceptron classifiers
Author(s): Marco Castellani
Pages: 3417-3432

22. Self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm with improved mutation strategy
Author(s): Shihao Wang, Yuzhen Li, Hongyu Yang, Hong Liu
Pages: 3433-3447

23. Reduced order modelling of linear time-invariant system using modified cuckoo search algorithm
Author(s): Afzal Sikander, Padmanabh Thakur
Pages: 3449-3459

24. Cross-company defect prediction via semi-supervised clustering-based data filtering and MSTrA-based transfer learning
Author(s): Xiao Yu, Man Wu, Yiheng Jian, Kwabena Ebo Bennin, Mandi Fu, Chuanxiang Ma
Pages: 3461-3472

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