Friday, May 4, 2018

Neural Networks, Volume 103, Pages 1-150, July 2018

1. Beyond Low-Rank Representations: Orthogonal clustering basis reconstruction with optimized graph structure for multi-view spectral clustering
Author(s): Yang Wang, Lin Wu
Pages: 1-8

2. Learning from label proportions on high-dimensional data
Author(s): Yong Shi, Jiabin Liu, Zhiquan Qi, Bo Wang
Pages: 9-18

3. The convergence analysis of SpikeProp algorithm with smoothing regularization
Author(s): Junhong Zhao, Jacek M. Zurada, Jie Yang, Wei Wu
Pages: 19-28

4. Multilayer bootstrap networks
Author(s): Xiao-Lei Zhang
Pages: 29-43

5. A multivariate additive noise model for complete causal discovery
Author(s): Pramod Kumar Parida, Tshilidzi Marwala, Snehashish Chakraverty
Pages: 44-54
6. Boundedness and global robust stability analysis of delayed complex-valued neural networks with interval parameter uncertainties
Author(s): Qiankun Song, Qinqin Yu, Zhenjiang Zhao, Yurong Liu, Fuad E. Alsaadi
Pages: 55-62

7. A nonnegative matrix factorization algorithm based on a discrete-time projection neural network
Author(s): Hangjun Che, Jun Wang
Pages: 63-71

8. Personalized response generation by Dual-learning based domain adaptation
Author(s): Min Yang, Wenting Tu, Qiang Qu, Zhou Zhao, Jia Zhu
Pages: 72-82

9. Impulsive synchronization of stochastic reaction–diffusion neural networks with mixed time delays
Author(s): Yin Sheng, Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 83-93

10. Information-theoretic decomposition of embodied and situated systems
Author(s): Federico Da Rold
Pages: 94-107

11. The Growing Curvilinear Component Analysis (GCCA) neural network
Author(s): Giansalvo Cirrincione, Vincenzo Randazzo, Eros Pasero
Pages: 108-117

12. Spiking neural networks for handwritten digit recognition—Supervised learning and network optimization
Author(s): Shruti R. Kulkarni, Bipin Rajendran
Pages: 118-127

13. Robust generalized Mittag-Leffler synchronization of fractional order neural networks with discontinuous activation and impulses
Author(s): A. Pratap, R. Raja, C. Sowmiya, O. Bagdasar, ... G. Rajchakit
Pages: 128-141

14. General memristor with applications in multilayer neural networks
Author(s): Shiping Wen, Xudong Xie, Zheng Yan, Tingwen Huang, Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 142-149

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