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IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy System, Volume 26, Issue 3, June 2018

1. Lagrange Stability for T–S Fuzzy Memristive Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays on Time Scales
Author(s): Q. Xiao and Z. Zeng
Pages: 1091-1103

2. A T–S Fuzzy Model Identification Approach Based on a Modified Inter Type-2 FRCM Algorithm
Author(s): W. Zou, C. Li and N. Zhang
Pages: 1104-1113

3. Sensor Fault Estimation of Switched Fuzzy Systems With Unknown Input
Author(s): H. Zhang, J. Han, Y. Wang and X. Liu
Pages: 1114-1124

4. Fuzzy Remote Tracking Control for Randomly Varying Local Nonlinear Models Under Fading and Missing Measurements
Author(s): J. Song, Y. Niu, J. Lam and H. K. Lam
Pages: 1125-1137

5. Distributed Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Output Consensus of Heterogeneous Stochastic Nonlinear Multiagent Systems
Author(s): S. Li, M. J. Er and J. Zhang
Pages: 1138-1152

6. Adaptive Fuzzy Control With Prescribed Performance for Block-Triangular-Structured Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Y. Li and S. Tong
Pages: 1153-1163

7. Dissipativity-Based Fuzzy Integral Sliding Mode Control of Continuous-Time T-S Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): Y. Wang, H. Shen, H. R. Karimi and D. Duan
Pages: 1164-1176

8. A Layered-Coevolution-Based Attribute-Boosted Reduction Using Adaptive Quantum-Behavior PSO and Its Consistent Segmentation for Neonates Brain Tissue
Author(s): W. Ding, C. T. Lin, M. Prasad, Z. Cao and J. Wang
Pages: 1177-1191

9. Fuzzy Model Predictive Control of Discrete-Time Systems with Time-Varying Delay and Disturbances
Author(s): L. Teng, Y. Wang, W. Cai and H. Li
Pages: 1192-1206

10. Finite-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control Design for Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): F. Wang, B. Chen, X. Liu and C. Lin
Pages: 1207-1216

11. Combination of Classifiers With Optimal Weight Based on Evidential Reasoning
Author(s): Z. G. Liu, Q. Pan, J. Dezert and A. Martin
Pages: 1217-1230

12. Evaluating and Comparing Soft Partitions: An Approach Based on Dempster–Shafer Theory
Author(s): T. Denœux, S. Li and S. Sriboonchitta
Pages: 1231-1244

13. Adaptive Tracking Control for a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems Under Asynchronous Switching
Author(s): D. Zhai, A. Y. Lu, J. Dong and Q. Zhang
Pages: 1245-1256

14. Incremental Perspective for Feature Selection Based on Fuzzy Rough Sets
Author(s): Y. Yang, D. Chen, H. Wang and X. Wang
Pages: 1257-1273

15. Galois Connections Between a Fuzzy Preordered Structure and a General Fuzzy Structure
Author(s): I. P. Cabrera, P. Cordero, F. García-Pardo, M. Ojeda-Aciego and B. De Baets
Pages: 1274-1287

16. IC-FNN: A Novel Fuzzy Neural Network With Interpretable, Intuitive, and Correlated-Contours Fuzzy Rules for Function Approximation
Author(s): M. M. Ebadzadeh and A. Salimi-Badr
Pages: 1288-1302

17. On Using the Shapley Value to Approximate the Choquet Integral in Cases of Uncertain Arguments
Author(s): R. R. Yager
Pages: 1303-1310

18. Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Network-Based Nonlinear Systems With Actuator Failures
Author(s): L. Chen, M. Liu, X. Huang, S. Fu and J. Qiu
Pages: 1311-1323

19. Correntropy-Based Evolving Fuzzy Neural System
Author(s): R. J. Bao, H. J. Rong, P. P. Angelov, B. Chen and P. K. Wong
Pages: 1324-1338

20. Multiobjective Reliability Redundancy Allocation Problem With Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Uncertainty
Author(s): P. K. Muhuri, Z. Ashraf and Q. M. D. Lohani
Pages: 1339-1355

21. Distributed Adaptive Fuzzy Control For Nonlinear Multiagent Systems Under Directed Graphs
Author(s): C. Deng and G. H. Yang
Pages: 1356-1366

22. Probability Calculation and Element Optimization of Probabilistic Hesitant Fuzzy Preference Relations Based on Expected Consistency
Author(s): W. Zhou and Z. Xu
Pages: 1367-1378

23. Solving High-Order Uncertain Differential Equations via Runge–Kutta Method
Author(s): X. Ji and J. Zhou
Pages: 1379-1386

24. On Non-commutative Residuated Lattices With Internal States
Author(s): B. Zhao and P. He
Pages: 1387-1400

25. Robust ${L_1}$ Observer-Based Non-PDC Controller Design for Persistent Bounded Disturbed TS Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): N. Vafamand, M. H. Asemani and A. Khayatian
Pages: 1401-1413

26. Decentralized Fault Detection for Affine T–S Fuzzy Large-Scale Systems With Quantized Measurements
Author(s): H. Wang and G. H. Yang
Pages: 1414-1426

27. Convergence in Distribution for Uncertain Random Variables
Author(s): R. Gao and D. A. Ralescu
Pages: 1427-1434

28. Line Integrals of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Calculus and Their Properties
Author(s): Z. Ai and Z. Xu
Pages: 1435-1446

29. Unknown Input-Based Observer Synthesis for a Polynomial T–S Fuzzy Model System With Uncertainties
Author(s): V. P. Vu, W. J. Wang, H. C. Chen and J. M. Zurada
Pages: 1447-1458

30. Distributed Filtering for Discrete-Time T–S Fuzzy Systems With Incomplete Measurements
Author(s): D. Zhang, S. K. Nguang, D. Srinivasan and L. Yu
Pages: 1459-1471

31. Multi-ANFIS Model Based Synchronous Tracking Control of High-Speed Electric Multiple Unit
Author(s): H. Yang, Y. Fu and D. Wang
Pages: 1472-1484

32. A New Self-Regulated Neuro-Fuzzy Framework for Classification of EEG Signals in Motor Imagery BCI
Author(s): A. Jafarifarmand, M. A. Badamchizadeh, S. Khanmohammadi, M. A. Nazari and B. M. Tazehkand
Pages: 1485-1497

33. $Hinfty$ LMI-Based Observer Design for Nonlinear Systems via Takagi–Sugeno Models With Unmeasured Premise Variables
Author(s): T. M. Guerra, R. Márquez, A. Kruszewski and M. Bernal
Pages: 1498-1509

34. Ensemble Fuzzy Clustering Using Cumulative Aggregation on Random Projections
Author(s): P. Rathore, J. C. Bezdek, S. M. Erfani, S. Rajasegarar and M. Palaniswami
Pages: 1510-1524

35. Lattice-Valued Interval Operators and Its Induced Lattice-Valued Convex Structures
Author(s): B. Pang and Z. Y. Xiu
Pages: 1525-1534

36. Deep Takagi–Sugeno–Kang Fuzzy Classifier With Shared Linguistic Fuzzy Rules
Author(s): Y. Zhang, H. Ishibuchi and S. Wang
Pages: 1535-1549

37. Stability Analysis and Control of Two-Dimensional Fuzzy Systems With Directional Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): L. V. Hien and H. Trinh
Pages: 1550-1564

38. A New Fuzzy Modeling Framework for Integrated Risk Prognosis and Therapy of Bladder Cancer Patients
Author(s): O. Obajemu, M. Mahfouf and J. W. F. Catto
Pages: 1565-1577

39. Resolution Principle in Uncertain Random Environment
Author(s): X. Yang, J. Gao and Y. Ni
Pages: 1578-1588

40. Observer-Based Fuzzy Adaptive Event-Triggered Control Codesign for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Y. X. Li and G. H. Yang
Pages: 1589-1599

41. Static Output Feedback Stabilization of Positive Polynomial Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): A. Meng, H. K. Lam, Y. Yu, X. Li and F. Liu
Pages: 1600-1612

42. Global Asymptotic Model-Free Trajectory-Independent Tracking Control of an Uncertain Marine Vehicle: An Adaptive Universe-Based Fuzzy Control Approach
Author(s): N. Wang, S. F. Su, J. Yin, Z. Zheng and M. J. Er
Pages: 1613-1625

43. Information Measures in the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Framework and Their Relationships
Author(s): S. Das, D. Guha and R. Mesiar
Pages: 1626-1637

44. A Random Fuzzy Accelerated Degradation Model and Statistical Analysis
Author(s): X. Y. Li, J. P. Wu, H. G. Ma, X. Li and R. Kang
Pages: 1638-1650

45. Measures of Probabilistic Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Sets and the Application in Reducing Excessive Medical Examinations
Author(s): Y. Zhai, Z. Xu and H. Liao
Pages: 1651-1670

46. A Unified Collaborative Multikernel Fuzzy Clustering for Multiview Data
Author(s): S. Zeng, X. Wang, H. Cui, C. Zheng and D. Feng
Pages: 1671-1687

47. Asynchronous Piecewise Output-Feedback Control for Large-Scale Fuzzy Systems via Distributed Event-Triggering Schemes
Author(s): Z. Zhong, Y. Zhu and H. K. Lam
Pages: 1688-1703

48. Fuzzy Group Decision Making With Incomplete Information Guided by Social Influence
Author(s): N. Capuano, F. Chiclana, H. Fujita, E. Herrera-Viedma and V. Loia
Pages: 1704-1718

49. Fuzzy Bayesian Learning
Author(s): I. Pan and D. Bester
Pages: 1719-1731

50. Observer and Adaptive Fuzzy Control Design for Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Systems With Unknown Virtual Control Coefficients
Author(s): B. Chen, X. Liu and C. Lin
Pages: 1732-1743

51. Controllable-Domain-Based Fuzzy Rule Extraction for Copper Removal Process Control
Author(s): B. Zhang, C. Yang, H. Zhu, P. Shi and W. Gui
Pages: 1744-1756

52. Renewal Reward Process With Uncertain Interarrival Times and Random Rewards
Author(s): K. Yao and J. Zhou
Pages: 1757-1762

53. Uncertainty Measures of Extended Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets
Author(s): C. Wei, R. M. Rodríguez and L. Martínez
Pages: 1763-1768

54. Correction to “Detection of Resource Overload in Conditions of Project Ambiguity” [Aug 17 868-877]
Author(s): M. Pelikán, H. Štiková and I. Vrana
Pages: 1769-1769

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