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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 7, July 2018

1. Driving Under the Influence (of Language)
Author(s): Daniel Paul Barrett; Scott Alan Bronikowski; Haonan Yu; Jeffrey Mark Siskind
Pages: 2668 - 2683

2. Cascaded Subpatch Networks for Effective CNNs
Author(s): Xiaoheng Jiang; Yanwei Pang; Manli Sun; Xuelong Li
Pages: 2684 - 2694

3. Neighborhood-Based Stopping Criterion for Contrastive Divergence
Author(s): Enrique Romero Merino; Ferran Mazzanti Castrillejo; Jordi Delgado Pin
Pages: 2695 - 2704

4. Neural AILC for Error Tracking Against Arbitrary Initial Shifts
Author(s): Mingxuan Sun; Tao Wu; Lejian Chen; Guofeng Zhang
Pages: 2705 - 2716

5. RankMap: A Framework for Distributed Learning From Dense Data Sets
Author(s): Azalia Mirhoseini; Eva L. Dyer; Ebrahim M. Songhori; Richard Baraniuk; Farinaz Koushanfar
Pages: 2717 - 2730

6. Manifold Preserving: An Intrinsic Approach for Semisupervised Distance Metric Learning
Author(s): Shihui Ying; Zhijie Wen; Jun Shi; Yaxin Peng; Jigen Peng; Hong Qiao
Pages: 2731 - 2742

7. Transductive Regression for Data With Latent Dependence Structure
Author(s): Nico Görnitz; Luiz Alberto Lima; Luiz Eduardo Varella; Klaus-Robert Müller; Shinichi Nakajima
Pages: 2743 - 2756

8. Variance-Constrained State Estimation for Complex Networks With Randomly Varying Topologies
Author(s): Hongli Dong; Nan Hou; Zidong Wang; Weijian Ren
Pages: 2757 - 2768

9. Stability Analysis of Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks With Linear Threshold Neurons
Author(s): Xiaofeng Chen; Qiankun Song; Zhongshan Li; Zhenjiang Zhao; Yurong Liu
Pages: 2769 - 2781

10. Improving Sparsity and Scalability in Regularized Nonconvex Truncated-Loss Learning Problems
Author(s): Qing Tao; Gaowei Wu; Dejun Chu
Pages: 2782 - 2793

11. Policy Approximation in Policy Iteration Approximate Dynamic Programming for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Wentao Guo; Jennie Si; Feng Liu; Shengwei Mei
Pages: 2794 - 2807

12. Multilateral Telecoordinated Control of Multiple Robots With Uncertain Kinematics
Author(s): Di-Hua Zhai; Yuanqing Xia
Pages: 2808 - 2822

13. A Peak Price Tracking-Based Learning System for Portfolio Selection
Author(s): Zhao-Rong Lai; Dao-Qing Dai; Chuan-Xian Ren; Ke-Kun Huang
Pages: 2823 - 2832

14. Generalized Self-Organizing Maps for Automatic Determination of the Number of Clusters and Their Multiprototypes in Cluster Analysis
Author(s): Marian B. Gorzałczany; Filip Rudziński
Pages: 2833 - 2845

15. Event-Triggered Distributed Approximate Optimal State and Output Control of Affine Nonlinear Interconnected Systems
Author(s): Vignesh Narayanan; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Pages: 2846 - 2856

16. Online Feature Transformation Learning for Cross-Domain Object Category Recognition
Author(s): Xuesong Zhang; Yan Zhuang; Wei Wang; Witold Pedrycz
Pages: 2857 - 2871

17. Improving CNN Performance Accuracies With Min–Max Objective
Author(s): Weiwei Shi; Yihong Gong; Xiaoyu Tao; Jinjun Wang; Nanning Zheng
Pages: 2872 - 2885

18. Distribution-Preserving Stratified Sampling for Learning Problems
Author(s): Cristiano Cervellera; Danilo Macciò
Pages: 2886 - 2895

19. Training DCNN by Combining Max-Margin, Max-Correlation Objectives, and Correntropy Loss for Multilabel Image Classification
Author(s): Weiwei Shi; Yihong Gong; Xiaoyu Tao; Nanning Zheng
Pages: 2896 - 2908

20. Robust Least-Squares Support Vector Machine With Minimization of Mean and Variance of Modeling Error
Author(s): Xinjiang Lu; Wenbo Liu; Chuang Zhou; Minghui Huang
Pages: 2909 - 2920

21. Joint Attributes and Event Analysis for Multimedia Event Detection
Author(s): Zhigang Ma; Xiaojun Chang; Zhongwen Xu; Nicu Sebe; Alexander G. Hauptmann
Pages: 2921 - 2930

22. Aggregation Analysis for Competitive Multiagent Systems With Saddle Points via Switching Strategies
Author(s): Liying Zhu; Zhengrong Xiang
Pages: 2931 - 2943

23. Learning Multimodal Parameters: A Bare-Bones Niching Differential Evolution Approach
Author(s): Yue-Jiao Gong; Jun Zhang; Yicong Zhou
Pages: 2944 - 2959

24. Time-Varying System Identification Using an Ultra-Orthogonal Forward Regression and Multiwavelet Basis Functions With Applications to EEG
Author(s): Yang Li; Wei-Gang Cui; Yu-Zhu Guo; Tingwen Huang; Xiao-Feng Yang; Hua-Liang Wei
Pages: 2960 - 2972

25. Neural Decomposition of Time-Series Data for Effective Generalization
Author(s): Luke B. Godfrey; Michael S. Gashler
Pages: 2973 - 2985

26. Feature Selection Based on Neighborhood Discrimination Index
Author(s): Changzhong Wang; Qinghua Hu; Xizhao Wang; Degang Chen; Yuhua Qian; Zhe Dong
Pages: 2986 - 2999

27. Multistability of Recurrent Neural Networks With Nonmonotonic Activation Functions and Unbounded Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Peng Liu; Zhigang Zeng; Jun Wang
Pages: 3000 - 3010

28. Optimal Triggering of Networked Control Systems
Author(s): Ali Heydari
Pages: 3011 - 3021

29. Observer-Based Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control of Nonlinear Nonstrict-Feedback Systems
Author(s): Chengwei Wu; Jianxing Liu; Yongyang Xiong; Ligang Wu
Pages: 3022 - 3033

30. Joint Estimation of Multiple Conditional Gaussian Graphical Models
Author(s): Feihu Huang; Songcan Chen; Sheng-Jun Huang
Pages: 3034 - 3046

31. Stability Analysis of Genetic Regulatory Networks With Switching Parameters and Time Delays
Author(s): Tingting Yu; Jianxing Liu; Yi Zeng; Xian Zhang; Qingshuang Zeng; Ligang Wu
Pages: 3047 - 3058

32. Adaptive Neural Networks Prescribed Performance Control Design for Switched Interconnected Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Yongming Li; Shaocheng Tong
Pages: 3059 - 3068

33. Robust and Efficient Boosting Method Using the Conditional Risk
Author(s): Zhi Xiao; Zhe Luo; Bo Zhong; Xin Dang
Pages: 3069 - 3083

34. Learning Deep Generative Models With Doubly Stochastic Gradient MCMC
Author(s): Chao Du; Jun Zhu; Bo Zhang
Pages: 3084 - 3096

35. Discriminative Transfer Learning Using Similarities and Dissimilarities
Author(s): Ying Lu; Liming Chen; Alexandre Saidi; Emmanuel Dellandrea; Yunhong Wang
Pages: 3097 - 3110

36. Discriminative Block-Diagonal Representation Learning for Image Recognition
Author(s): Zheng Zhang; Yong Xu; Ling Shao; Jian Yang
Pages: 3111 - 3125

37. Robustness to Training Disturbances in SpikeProp Learning
Author(s): Sumit Bam Shrestha; Qing Song
Pages: 3126 - 3139

38. Bayesian Neighborhood Component Analysis
Author(s): Dong Wang; Xiaoyang Tan
Pages: 3140 - 3151

39. p th Moment Exponential Input-to-State Stability of Delayed Recurrent Neural Networks With Markovian Switching via Vector Lyapunov Function
Author(s): Lei Liu; Jinde Cao; Cheng Qian
Pages: 3152 - 3163

40. Distributed Adaptive Finite-Time Approach for Formation–Containment Control of Networked Nonlinear Systems Under Directed Topology
Author(s): Yujuan Wang; Yongduan Song; Wei Ren
Pages: 3164 - 3175

41. DANoC: An Efficient Algorithm and Hardware Codesign of Deep Neural Networks on Chip
Author(s): Xichuan Zhou; Shengli Li; Fang Tang; Shengdong Hu; Zhi Lin; Lei Zhang
Pages: 3176 - 3187

42. Causal Inference on Multidimensional Data Using Free Probability Theory
Author(s): Furui Liu; Lai-Wan Chan
Pages: 3188 - 3198

43. Regularized Semipaired Kernel CCA for Domain Adaptation
Author(s): Siamak Mehrkanoon; Johan A. K. Suykens
Pages: 3199 - 3213

44. Patch Alignment Manifold Matting
Author(s): Xuelong Li; Kang Liu; Yongsheng Dong; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 3214 - 3226

45. Supervised Learning Based on Temporal Coding in Spiking Neural Networks
Author(s): Hesham Mostafa
Pages: 3227 - 3235

46. Multiple Structure-View Learning for Graph Classification
Author(s): Jia Wu; Shirui Pan; Xingquan Zhu; Chengqi Zhang; Philip S. Yu
Pages: 3236 - 3251

47. Online Heterogeneous Transfer by Hedge Ensemble of Offline and Online Decisions
Author(s): Yuguang Yan; Qingyao Wu; Mingkui Tan; Michael K. Ng; Huaqing Min; Ivor W. Tsang
Pages: 3252 - 3263

48. Single-Input Pinning Controller Design for Reachability of Boolean Networks
Author(s): Fangfei Li; Huaicheng Yan; Hamid Reza Karimi
Pages: 3264 - 3269

49. Tree-Based Kernel for Graphs With Continuous Attributes
Author(s): Giovanni Da San Martino; Nicolò Navarin; Alessandro Sperduti
Pages: 3270 - 3276

50. Sufficient Condition for the Existence of the Compact Set in the RBF Neural Network Control
Author(s): Jiaming Zhu; Zhiqiang Cao; Tianping Zhang; Yuequan Yang; Yang Yi
Pages: 3277 - 3282

51. Delayed Feedback Control for Stabilization of Boolean Control Networks With State Delay
Author(s): Rongjian Liu; Jianquan Lu; Yang Liu; Jinde Cao; Zheng-Guang Wu
Pages: 3283 - 3288

52. Convolutional Sparse Autoencoders for Image Classification
Author(s): Wei Luo; Jun Li; Jian Yang; Wei Xu; Jian Zhang
Pages: 3289 - 3294

53. An Algorithm for Finding the Most Similar Given Sized Subgraphs in Two Weighted Graphs
Author(s): Xu Yang; Hong Qiao; Zhi-Yong Liu
Pages: 3295 - 3300

54. Normalization and Solvability of Dynamic-Algebraic Boolean Networks
Author(s): Yang Liu; Jinde Cao; Bowen Li; Jianquan Lu
Pages: 3301 - 3306

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