Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 4, February 2019

1) Direct limits of generalized pseudo-effect algebras with the Riesz decomposition properties
Author(s): Yanan Guo, Yongjian Xie
Pages: 1071-1078

2) Geometric structure information based multi-objective function to increase fuzzy clustering performance with artificial and real-life data
Author(s): M. M. Gowthul Alam, S. Baulkani
Pages: 1079-1098

3) A Gould-type integral of fuzzy functions II
Author(s): Alina Gavriluţ, Alina Iosif
Pages: 1099-1107

4) Sorting of decision-making methods based on their outcomes using dominance-vector hesitant fuzzy-based distance
Author(s): Bahram Farhadinia, Enrique Herrera-Viedma
Pages: 1109-1121

5) On characterization of fuzzy tree pushdown automata
Author(s): M. Ghorani
Pages: 1123-1131

6) BIAM: a new bio-inspired analysis methodology for digital ecosystems based on a scale-free architecture
Author(s): Vincenzo Conti, Simone Sante Ruffo, Salvatore Vitabile, Leonard Barolli
Pages: 1133-1150

7) Self-feedback differential evolution adapting to fitness landscape characteristics
Author(s): Wei Li, Shanni Li, Zhangxin Chen, Liang Zhong, Chengtian Ouyang
Pages: 1151-1163

8) Mining stock category association on Tehran stock market
Author(s): Zahra Hoseyni Masum
Pages: 1165-1177

9) A comparative study of optimization models in genetic programming-based rule extraction problems
Author(s): Marconi de Arruda Pereira, Eduardo Gontijo Carrano…
Pages: 1179-1197

10) Distributed task allocation in multi-agent environments using cellular learning automata
Author(s): Maryam Khani, Ali Ahmadi, Hajar Hajary
Pages: 1199-1218

11) MOEA3D: a MOEA based on dominance and decomposition with probability distribution model
Author(s): Ziyu Hu, Jingming Yang, Huihui Cui, Lixin Wei, Rui Fan
Pages: 1219-1237

12) CCODM: conditional co-occurrence degree matrix document representation method
Author(s): Wei Wei, Chonghui Guo, Jingfeng Chen, Lin Tang, Leilei Sun
Pages: 1239-1255

13) Minimization of reliability indices and cost of power distribution systems in urban areas using an efficient hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm
Author(s): Avishek Banerjee, Samiran Chattopadhyay, Grigoras Gheorghe…
Pages: 1257-1281

14) A robust method to discover influential users in social networks
Author(s): Qian Ma, Jun Ma
Pages: 1283-1295

15) Chance-constrained random fuzzy CCR model in presence of skew-normal distribution
Author(s): Behrokh Mehrasa, Mohammad Hassan Behzadi
Pages: 1297-1308

16) A fuzzy AHP-based methodology for project prioritization and selection
Author(s): Amir Shaygan, Özlem Müge Testik
Pages: 1309-1319

17) A multi-objective evolutionary fuzzy system to obtain a broad and accurate set of solutions in intrusion detection systems
Author(s): Salma Elhag, Alberto Fernández, Abdulrahman Altalhi, Saleh Alshomrani…
Pages: 1321-1336

18) Uncertain vertex coloring problem
Author(s): Lin Chen, Jin Peng, Dan A. Ralescu
Pages: 1337-1346

19) Local, global and decentralized fuzzy-based computing paradigms for coordinated voltage control of grid-connected photovoltaic systems
Author(s): Alfredo Vaccaro, Hafsa Qamar, Haleema Qamar
Pages: 1347-1356

20) Combining user preferences and expert opinions: a criteria synergy-based model for decision making on the Web
Author(s): Marcelo Karanik, Rubén Bernal, José Ignacio Peláez…
Pages: 1357-1373

21) A bi-objective fleet size and mix green inventory routing problem, model and solution method
Author(s): Mehdi Alinaghian, Mohsen Zamani
Pages: 1375-1391

22) A genetic algorithm approach to the smart grid tariff design problem
Author(s): Will Rogers, Paula Carroll, James McDermott
Pages: 1393-1405

23) Lyapunov–Krasovskii stable T2FNN controller for a class of nonlinear time-delay systems
Author(s): Sehraneh Ghaemi, Kamel Sabahi, Mohammad Ali Badamchizadeh
Pages: 1407-1419

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