Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 5, March 2019

Special issue on Theory and Practice of Natural Computing: Fifth Edition

1) Theory and practice of natural computing: fifth edition
Author(s): Carlos Martín-Vide, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez
Pages: 1421

2) A multi-objective evolutionary approach to Pareto-optimal model trees
Author(s): Marcin Czajkowski, Marek Kretowski
Pages: 1423-1437

3) Fuel-efficient truck platooning by a novel meta-heuristic inspired from ant colony optimisation
Author(s): Abtin Nourmohammadzadeh, Sven Hartmann
Pages: 1439-1452

4) A heuristic survivable virtual network mapping algorithm
Author(s): Xiangwei Zheng, Jie Tian, Xiancui Xiao, Xinchun Cui, Xiaomei Yu
Pages: 1453-1463

5) A semiring-like representation of lattice pseudoeffect algebras
Author(s): Ivan Chajda, Davide Fazio, Antonio Ledda
Pages: 1465-1475

6) Twenty years of Soft Computing: a bibliometric overview
Author(s): José M. Merigó, Manuel J. Cobo, Sigifredo Laengle, Daniela Rivas
Pages: 1477-1497

7) Monadic pseudo BCI-algebras and corresponding logics
Author(s): Xiaolong Xin, Yulong Fu, Yanyan Lai, Juntao Wang
Pages: 1499-1510

8) Group decision making with compatibility measures of hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relations
Author(s): Xunjie Gou, Zeshui Xu, Huchang Liao
Pages: 1511-1527

9) Semi-multifractal optimization algorithm
Author(s): Ireneusz Gosciniak
Pages: 1529-1539

10) Time series interval forecast using GM(1,1) and NGBM(1, 1) models
Author(s): Ying-Yuan Chen, Hao-Tien Liu, Hsiow-Ling Hsieh
Pages: 1541-1555

11) Tri-partition cost-sensitive active learning through kNN
Author(s): Fan Min, Fu-Lun Liu, Liu-Ying Wen, Zhi-Heng Zhang
Pages: 1557-1572

12) New ranked set sampling schemes for range charts limits under bivariate skewed distributions
Author(s): Derya Karagöz, Nursel Koyuncu
Pages: 1573-1587

13) Gist: general integrated summarization of text and reviews
Author(s): Justin Lovinger, Iren Valova, Chad Clough
Pages: 1589-1601

14) Rough fuzzy bipolar soft sets and application in decision-making problems
Author(s): Nosheen Malik, Muhammad Shabir
Pages: 1603-1614

15) Differential evolution with Gaussian mutation and dynamic parameter adjustment
Author(s): Gaoji Sun, Yanfei Lan, Ruiqing Zhao
Pages: 1615-1642

16) Using Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategies for solving different types of differential equations
Author(s): Jose M. Chaquet, Enrique J. Carmona
Pages: 1643-1666

17) A direct solution approach based on constrained fuzzy arithmetic and metaheuristic for fuzzy transportation problems
Author(s): Adil Baykasoğlu, Kemal Subulan
Pages: 1667-1698

18) An efficient hybrid algorithm based on Water Cycle and Moth-Flame Optimization algorithms for solving numerical and constrained engineering optimization problems
Author(s): Soheyl Khalilpourazari, Saman Khalilpourazary
Pages: 1699-1722

19) An evolutionary approach to constrained path planning of an autonomous surface vehicle for maximizing the covered area of Ypacarai Lake
Author(s): Mario Arzamendia, Derlis Gregor, Daniel Gutierrez Reina
Pages: 1723-1734

20) A multi-key SMC protocol and multi-key FHE based on some-are-errorless LWE
Author(s): Huiyong Wang, Yong Feng, Yong Ding, Shijie Tang
Pages: 1735-1744

21) Smart PSO-based secured scheduling approaches for scientific workflows in cloud computing
Author(s): J. Angela Jennifa Sujana, T. Revathi, T. S. Siva Priya, K. Muneeswaran
Pages: 1745-176

22) ARD-PRED: an in silico tool for predicting age-related-disorder-associated proteins
Author(s): Kirti Bhadhadhara, Yasha Hasija
Pages: 1767-1776

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