Friday, December 17, 2021

Weekly Review 17 December 2021

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about this week:

1) The computational demands of AI continue to outstrip processing power:

2) Using AI to play Pokemon: Is this really AI, or just a brute-forcing of options?

3)A list of popular libraries for Machine Learning: I've been using sklearn to teach my #AI class.

6) Best practices for implementing Natural Language Processing. Good principles for most #AI applications, actually:

10) Protein folding prediction is a hard problem. If AlphaFold has solved it, that's a major breakthrough:

11) Most of the research outputs from universities a built on work done by PhD students. With the part-time job losses from the pandemic, either PhD stipends increase, or research outputs are going to suffer:

12) Biased data leads to biased models. When we used biased data sets, we get biases results. Why is this hard for people to grasp?

13) Machine Learning engineers are now more important that data scientists:

14) A German case, but with more and more people expected to keep working from home after the pandemic, such cases will probably become more common:

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