Friday, May 6, 2022

Weekly Review 6 May 2022

1) Controlling fusion plasma with #AI:

2) I agree, people need to put more effort into preparing the data for their #AI, and we need lighter-weight algorithms as well:

3) An older article, on building a chatbot with Python:

4) Not so much wanting to list the #AI as the inventor for patent purposes, as the company that owns the AI. This makes more sense to me:

5) Combining optical diffraction with #DeepLearning to encrypt and decrypt images:

6) Self-driving cars is one area where explainable #AI is very important:

7) The use of #MachineLearning can improve business, but it's not a silver bullet:

8) An open source #Ai group who think OpenAI is not open enough:

9) A smart agent for selecting which cookies to accept:

10) 12 graphs about the state of #AI in 2022, and what they show:

11) #MachineLearning models can leak personal data, but only if the training data set is accessible:

12) Ordering companies to destroy their #AI models constructed with illegally gathered data:

13) More work on the limitations of #DeepLearning:

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