Saturday, January 2, 2010

Turing Test for Game Bots

The Turing Test is very well known not only within the CI community but within the general public. Made really simple, a machine is intelligent if a human carrying out a conversation with that machine can't tell if it is a machine. In other words, we think it is intelligent, therefore it is intelligent.

A similar test has been proposed for game bots. It is described as follows:

"Suppose you are playing an interactive video game with some entity. Could you tell, solely from the conduct of the game, whether the other entity was a human player or a bot? If not, then the bot is deemed to have passed the test."

Playing games requires, in my opinion, more intelligence than having a conversation. It requires comprehension of the gaming environment, at least on some level, as well as anticipation of the actions of the player and the formulation and application of strategy. I have a suspicion that true general purpose AI will come from the gaming world. There's even a dedicated journal for it, the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games.

The best part of this is that playing games can be part of your job.

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