Thursday, April 14, 2011

FuzzyCOPE 3

After many years of being absent from the web, the FuzzyCOPE 3 website is now back online.

I developed FuzzyCOPE 3 at the University of Otago in 1998-1999. FuzzyCOPE 3 is an integrated environment for data processing and fuzzy-neural network modelling. After I left Otago, it was taken off of the web, but I've noticed that people are still searching for it. So, for historical reasons, I have decided to put it back up. There won't be any more bug fixes or updates, but hopefully people will find it useful. Also, there probably won't be a FuzzyCOPE 4, unless someone wants to pay me to do it.

The new address for FuzzyCOPE 3 is

A paper describing FuzzyCOPE 3 is available here. The complete citation for this paper is:

1999 - Watts, M., Woodford, B., and Kasabov N., FuzzyCOPE - A Software Environment for Building Intelligent Systems - the Past, the Present and the Future, in: Emerging Knowledge Engineering and Connectionist-based Systems, Proceedings of the ICONIP/ANZIIS/ANNES’99 Workshop "Future directions for intelligent systems and information sciences", Dunedin, 22-23 Nov.1999, N.Kasabov and K.Ko (eds) 188-192.

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