Monday, May 28, 2012

An experiment in open-source textbooks

I am thinking of writing a textbook. Actually, I'm working on three at the moment, one of which is a research monograph, but the one that it most relevant to this post is tentatively titled Intelligent Information Systems, and will cover neural networks, fuzzy systems and evolutionary algorithms at an undergraduate level. I also expect it would be useful for researchers from other disciplines who want to apply methods in computational intelligence to their own research, and to software engineers who want to solve real-world problems with computational intelligence.

In line with this post, I am seriously considering making Intelligent Information Systems available as an open-source textbook. But before I do, I need some encouragement. So I'm asking you, my dear readers, to encourage me. If you think you would assign an open-source textbook on this topic to a class, or that you would buy a self-published textbook, let me know in the comments. If you could see yourself contributing some other way, let me know, too.

It's up to you good folk to push me to do this!

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  1. go ahead ! open-source textbook will give you wide prestige in the field, not just for a bunch of guys.


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