Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WCCI 2012 Panel Session on Computational Intelligence in Education and University Curricula

The following panel session at WCCI 2012 is organised by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society's Curriculum Subcommittee (which I happen to serve on), and will be held Thursday, June 14, 4:10-5:10pm.

Chairs: Robert Kozma and Jennie Si

Panelists: Haibo He, Janusz Kaczprzyk, Jim Keller, Luis Magdalena, Marios Polycarpou, Lipo Wang

Computational Intelligence is a relatively new research field. A lot of educational materials have been created in various fields of CI in the past decades. However, due to the field's relatively youth, its fundamental achievements has not been organized into a comprehensive curriculum yet. It is crucial for the development of the field to have high-quality educational materials on the state of art of CI. This allows attracting and educating talented and enthusiastic students and documenting the progress in the field. The panel will discuss various areas of CI education, including existing databases and course materials, online resources and video lectures, development of new textbooks, open-source software, and others. Various recommendations for future actions will be discussed as well.

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