Monday, July 30, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 8, August 2012

1. Title: Twenty Years of Mixture of Experts
Authors: Seniha Esen Yuksel; Joseph N. Wilson; Paul D. Gader
Page(s): 1177 - 1193

2. Title: Constrained Empirical Risk Minimization Framework for Distance Metric Learning
Authors: Wei Bian; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 1194 - 1205

3. Title: Scale-Invariant Amplitude Spectrum Modulation for Visual Saliency Detection
Authors: Dongyue Chen; Hao Chu
Page(s): 1206 - 1214

4. Title: Relaxed Fault-Tolerant Hardware Implementation of Neural Networks in the Presence of Multiple Transient Errors
Authors: Hamid Reza Mahdiani; Sied Mehdi Fakhraie; Caro Lucas
Page(s): 1215 - 1228

5. Title: Mapping Dynamic Bayesian Networks to $alpha$-Shapes: Application to Human Faces Identification Across Ages
Authors: Djamel Bouchaffra
Page(s): 1229 - 1241

6. Title: Predictive Approach for User Long-Term Needs in Content-Based Image Suggestion
Authors: Sabri Boutemedjet; Djemel Ziou
Page(s): 1242 - 1253

7. Title: SOMKE: Kernel Density Estimation Over Data Streams by Sequences of Self-Organizing Maps
Authors: Yuan Cao; Haibo He; Hong Man
Page(s): 1254 - 1268

8. Title: Reinforced Two-Step-Ahead Weight Adjustment Technique for Online Training of Recurrent Neural Networks
Authors: Li-Chiu Chang; Pin-An Chen; Fi-John Chang
Page(s): 1269 - 1278

9. Title: Spatial Gaussian Process Regression With Mobile Sensor Networks
Authors: Dongbing Gu; Huosheng Hu
Page(s): 1279 - 1290

10. Title: Adaptive Data Embedding Framework for Multiclass Classification
Authors: Tingting Mu; Jianmin Jiang; Yan Wang; John Y. Goulermas
Page(s): 1291 - 1303

11. Title: Study on the Impact of Partition-Induced Dataset Shift on $k$-Fold Cross-Validation
Authors: Jose García Moreno-Torres; José A. Sáez; Francisco Herrera
Page(s): 1304 - 1312

12. Title: Kernel Recursive Least-Squares Tracker for Time-Varying Regression
Authors: Steven Van Vaerenbergh; Miguel Lázaro-Gredilla; Ignacio Santamaría
Page(s): 1313 - 1326

13. Title: Discrete-Time Neural Inverse Optimal Control for Nonlinear Systems via Passivation
Authors: Fernando Ornelas-Tellez; Edgar N. Sanchez; Alexander G. Loukianov
Page(s): 1327 - 1339

14. Title: Equilibria of Perceptrons for Simple Contingency Problems
Authors: Michael R. W. Dawson; Brian Dupuis
Page(s): 1340- 1344

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