Friday, September 14, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 23, Issue 10, October 2012

1. Title: Silicon-Based Dynamic Synapse With Depressing Response
Authors: Thomas Dowrick; Steve Hall; Liam J. McDaid
Page(s): 1513 - 1525

2. Title: Self-Organizing Spiking Neural Model for Learning Fault-Tolerant Spatio-Motor Transformations
Authors: Narayan Srinivasa; Youngkwan Cho
Page(s): 1526 - 1538

3. Title: Learning From ISS-Modular Adaptive NN Control of Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Systems
Authors: Cong Wang; Min Wang; Tengfei Liu; David. J. Hill
Page(s): 1539 - 1550

4. Title: Synchronization Error Estimation and Controller Design for Delayed Lur'e Systems With Parameter Mismatches
Authors: Wangli He; Feng Qian; Qing-Long Han; Jinde Cao
Page(s): 1551 - 1563

5. Title: Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces With Odd Kernels in Price Prediction
Authors: Miloš Krejník; Anton Tyutin
Page(s): 1564 - 1573

6. Title: Neural Modeling of Episodic Memory: Encoding, Retrieval, and Forgetting
Authors: Wenwen Wang; Budhitama Subagdja; Ah-Hwee Tan; Janusz A. Starzyk
Page(s): 1574 - 1586

7. Title: A Discrimination Analysis for Unsupervised Feature Selection via Optic Diffraction Principle
Authors: Praisan Padungweang; Chidchanok Lursinsap; Khamron Sunat
Page(s): 1587 - 1600

8. Title: Nonnegative Blind Source Separation by Sparse Component Analysis Based on Determinant Measure
Authors: Zuyuan Yang; Yong Xiang; Shengli Xie; Shuxue Ding; Yue Rong
Page(s): 1601 - 1610

9. Title: Multiclass Feature Selection With Kernel Gram-Matrix-Based Criteria
Authors: Mathieu Ramona; Gaël Richard; Bertrand David
Page(s): 1611 - 1623

10. Title: Efficient Online Subspace Learning With an Indefinite Kernel for Visual Tracking and Recognition
Authors: Stephan Liwicki; Stefanos Zafeiriou; Georgios Tzimiropoulos; Maja Pantic
Page(s): 1624 - 1636

11. Title: Feedback Control by Online Learning an Inverse Model
Authors: Tim Waegeman; Francis wyffels; Benjamin Schrauwen
Page(s): 1637 - 1648

12. Title: Symbolic Representation of Recurrent Neural Network Dynamics
Authors: Thuan Q. Huynh; James A. Reggia
Page(s): 1649 - 1658

13. Title: Inphase and Antiphase Synchronization in a Delay-Coupled System With Applications to a Delay-Coupled FitzHugh–Nagumo System
Authors: Yongli Song; Jian Xu
Page(s): 1659 - 1670

14. Title: Simple and Fast Calculation of the Second-Order Gradients for Globalized Dual Heuristic Dynamic Programming in Neural Networks
Authors: Michael Fairbank; Eduardo Alonso; Danil Prokhorov
Page(s): 1671 - 1676

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