Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 23, Issue 11, November 2012

1. Decirculation Process in Neural Network Dynamics
Authors: Mau-Hsiang Shih; Feng-Sheng Tsai
Page(s): 1677 - 1689

2. Robust Support Vector Regression for Uncertain Input and Output Data
Authors: Gao Huang; Shiji Song; Cheng Wu; Keyou You
Page(s): 1690 - 1700

3. Neural-Fitted TD-Leaf Learning for Playing Othello With Structured Neural
Authors: Sjoerd van den Dries; Marco A. Wiering
Page(s): 1701 - 1713

4. Global Tracking Control of Strict-Feedback Systems Using Neural Networks
Authors: Jeng-Tze Huang
Page(s): 1714 - 1725

5. Unsupervised Learning of Categorical Data With Competing Models
Authors: Roman Ilin
Page(s): 1726 - 1737

6. Discriminative Least Squares Regression for Multiclass Classification and
Feature Selection
Authors: Shiming Xiang; Feiping Nie; Gaofeng Meng; Chunhong Pan; Changshui Zhang
Page(s): 1738 - 1754

7. Decentralized Asynchronous Learning in Cellular Neural Networks
Authors: Bipul Luitel; Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy
Page(s): 1755 - 1766

8. Boosted Network Classifiers for Local Feature Selection
Authors: Timothy Hancock; Hiroshi Mamitsuka
Page(s): 1767 - 1778

9. Semisupervised Classification With Cluster Regularization
Authors: Rodrigo G. F. Soares; Huanhuan Chen; Xin Yao
Page(s): 1779 - 1792

10. Latent Feature Kernels for Link Prediction on Sparse Graphs
Authors: Canh Hao Nguyen; Hiroshi Mamitsuka
Page(s): 1793 - 1804

11. Innovative Second-Generation Wavelets Construction With Recurrent Neural
Networks for Solar Radiation Forecasting
Authors: Giacomo Capizzi; Christian Napoli; Francesco Bonanno
Page(s): 1805 - 1815

12. Multistability of Neural Networks With Mexican-Hat-Type Activation Functions
Authors: Lili Wang; Tianping Chen
Page(s): 1816 - 1826

13. Convergence Analyses on On-Line Weight Noise Injection-Based Training
Algorithms for MLPs
Authors: John Sum; Chi-Sing Leung; Kevin Ho
Page(s): 1827 - 1840

14. Time Series Modeling and Forecasting Using Memetic Algorithms for
Regime-Switching Models
Authors: Christoph Bergmeir; Isaac Triguero; Daniel Molina; José Luis Aznarte; José
Manuel Benítez
Page(s): 1841 - 1847

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