Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Neural Networks: Twenty-fifth Anniversay Commemorative Issue

1. Editorial Board
Pages: IFC

2. Neural networks
Pages: iv-ix

3. Neural networks referees in 2012
Pages: x-xii

4. Editorial
Pages: xiii-xiv

5. Adaptive Resonance Theory: How a brain learns to consciously attend, learn, and recognize a changing world
Pages: 1-47
Author: Stephen Grossberg

6. Dreaming of mathematical neuroscience for half a century   
Pages: 48-51
Author: Shun-ichi Amari

7. Essentials of the self-organizing map  
Pages: 52-65
Author: Teuvo Kohonen

8. Synthetic event-related potentials: A computational bridge between neurolinguistic models and experiments
Pages: 66-92
Authors: Victor Barrès, Arthur Simons, Michael Arbib

9. DISCOV (DImensionless Shunting COlor Vision): A neural model for spatial data analysis 
Pages: 93-102
Authors: Gail A. Carpenter, Suhas E. Chelian

10. Artificial vision by multi-layered neural networks: Neocognitron and its advances 
Pages: 103-119
Author: Kunihiko Fukushima

11. Outline of a general theory of behavior and brain coordination  
Pages: 120-131
Authors: J.A. Scott Kelso, Guillaume Dumas, Emmanuelle Tognoli

12. Noise-enhanced clustering and competitive learning algorithms
Pages: 132-140
Authors: Osonde Osoba, Bart Kosko

13. A neural model of visual figure-ground segregation from kinetic occlusion
Pages: 141-164
Authors: Timothy Barnes, Ennio Mingolla

14. Neural associative memories and sparse coding
Pages: 165-171
Author: Günther Palm

15. Local circuit inhibition in the cerebral cortex as the source of gain control and untuned suppression
Pages: 172-181
Authors: Robert M. Shapley, Dajun Xing

16. The No-Prop algorithm: A new learning algorithm for multilayer neural networks
Pages: 182-188
Authors: Bernard Widrow, Aaron Greenblatt, Youngsik Kim, Dookun Park

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