Friday, January 18, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development: Volume 4, Issue 4

1. A Unified Account of Gaze Following
Authors: Jasso, H.; Triesch, J.; Deák, G.; Lewis, J.M.
Page(s): 257 - 272

2. A Developmental Approach to Structural Self-Organization in Reservoir Computing
Authors: Jun Yin; Yan Meng; Yaochu Jin
Page(s): 273 - 289

3. Predicting Visual Stimuli From Self-Induced Actions: An Adaptive Model of a Corollary Discharge Circuit
Authors: Ruesch, J.; Ferreira, R.; Bernardino, A.
Page(s): 290 - 304

4. Human-Recognizable Robotic Gestures
Authors: Cabibihan, J.; Wing-Chee So; Pramanik, S.
Page(s): 305 - 314

5. Intrinsic Motivation and Introspection in Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Merrick, K.E.
Page(s): 315 - 329

6. Model-Free Reinforcement Learning of Impedance Control in Stochastic Environments
Authors: Stulp, F.; Buchli, J.; Ellmer, A.; Mistry, M.; Theodorou, E.A.; Schaal, S.
Page(s): 330 - 341

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