Thursday, January 17, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games: Volume 4, Issue 4

1. Ensemble Determinization in Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Imperfect Information Card Game Magic: The Gathering
Authors: Cowling, P.I.; Ward, C.D.; Powley, E.J.
Page(s): 241 - 257

2. Introducing Individual and Social Learning Into Evolutionary Checkers
Authors: Al-Khateeb, B.; Kendall, G.
Page(s): 258 - 269

3. Evolutionary Design of FreeCell Solvers
Authors: Elyasaf, A.; Hauptman, A.; Sipper, M.
Page(s): 270 - 281

4. Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Hide-and-Seek Game Scotland Yard
Authors: Nijssen, P.; Winands, M.H.M.
Page(s): 282 - 294

5. AntBot: Ant Colonies for Video Games
Authors: Recio, G.; Martin, E.; Estebanez, C.; Saez, Y.
Page(s): 295 - 308

6. Bayesian-Game-Based Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Control for Decentralized POMDPs
Authors: Sharma, R.; Spaan, M.T.J.
Page(s): 309 - 328

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