Wednesday, July 24, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 9, August 2013

1. Sampled-Data Exponential Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks With Time-Varying Coupling Delay
Author(s): Zheng-Guang Wu; Peng Shi; Hongye Su; Jian Chu
Page(s): 1177 - 1187

2. Dictionary Learning-Based Subspace Structure Identification in Spectral Clustering
Author(s): Liping Jing; Michael K. Ng; Tieyong Zeng
Page(s): 1188 - 1199

3. Knowledge-Leverage-Based TSK Fuzzy System Modeling
Author(s): Zhaohong Deng; Yizhang Jiang; Kup-Sze Choi; Fu-Lai Chung; Shitong Wang
Page(s): 1200 - 1212

4. A Cognitive Fault Diagnosis System for Distributed Sensor Networks
Author(s): Cesare Alippi; Stavros Ntalampiras; Manuel Roveri
Page(s): 1213 - 1226

5. Boundedness and Complete Stability of Complex-Valued Neural Networks With Time Delay
Author(s): Bo Zhou; Qiankun Song
Page(s): 1227 - 1238

6. Fast Neuromimetic Object Recognition Using FPGA Outperforms GPU Implementations
Author(s): Garrick Orchard; Jacob G. Martin; R. Jacob Vogelstein; Ralph Etienne-Cummings
Page(s): 1239 - 1252

7. Improving the Quality of Self-Organizing Maps by Self-Intersection Avoidance
Author(s): Ezequiel Lopez-Rubio
Page(s): 1253 - 1265

8. Quantum-Based Algorithm for Optimizing Artificial Neural Networks
Author(s): Tzyy-Chyang Lu; Gwo-Ruey Yu; Jyh-Ching Juang
Page(s): 1266 - 1278

9. Hinging Hyperplanes for Time-Series Segmentation
Author(s): Xiaolin Huang; Marin Matijas; Johan A. K. Suykens
Page(s): 1279 - 1291

10. Ranking Graph Embedding for Learning to Rerank
Author(s): Yanwei Pang; Zhong Ji; Peiguang Jing; Xuelong Li
Page(s): 1292 - 1303

11. Feasibility and Finite Convergence Analysis for Accurate On-Line $nu$-Support Vector Machine
Author(s): Bin Gu; Victor S. Sheng
Page(s): 1304 - 1315

12. Exponential Synchronization of Coupled Switched Neural Networks With Mode-Dependent Impulsive Effects
Author(s): Wenbing Zhang; Yang Tang; Qingying Miao; Wei Du
Page(s): 1316 - 1326

13. Analysis of Boundedness and Convergence of Online Gradient Method for Two-Layer Feedforward Neural Networks
Author(s): Lu Xu; Jinshu Chen; Defeng Huang; Jianhua Lu; Licai Fang
Page(s): 1327 - 1338

14. Phase-Noise-Induced Resonance in Arrays of Coupled Excitable Neural Models
Author(s): Xiaoming Liang; Liang Zhao
Page(s): 1339 - 1345

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