Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IEEE Transactions on evolutionary Computation: Volume 17, Issue 4, August 2013

1. Multiobjective Metaheuristics for Traffic Grooming in Optical Networks
Author(s): Rubio-Largo, A. ; Vega-Rodriguez, M.A. ; Gomez-Pulido, J.A. ; Sanchez-Perez, J.M.

2. Preference-Inspired Coevolutionary Algorithms for Many-Objective Optimization
Author(s): Wang, R. ; Purshouse, R.C. ; Fleming, P.J.

3. A Hybrid Framework for Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
Author(s): Sindhya, K. ; Miettinen, K. ; Deb, K.

4. A Differential Evolution Algorithm With Dual Populations for Solving Periodic Railway Timetable Scheduling Problem
Author(s): Zhong, J.-H. ; Shen, M. ; Zhang, J. ; Chung, H.S.-H. ; Shi, Y.-H. ; Li, Y.

5. Evolutionary Foundation of Bounded Rationality in a Financial Market
Author(s): Kinoshita, K. ; Suzuki, K. ; Shimokawa, T.

6. Self-Adaptive Evolution Toward New Parameter Free Image Registration Methods
Author(s): Santamaria, J. ; Damas, S. ; Cordon, O. ; Escamez, A.

7. Clustered Memetic Algorithm With Local Heuristics for Ab Initio Protein Structure Prediction
Author(s): Islam, M.K. ; Chetty, M.

8. Reverse Engineering of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Dissipative Particle Swarm Optimization
Author(s): Palafox, L. ; Noman, N. ; Iba, H.

9. A Memetic Algorithm for Matching Spatial Configurations With the Histograms of Forces
Author(s): Buck, A.R. ; Keller, J.M. ; Skubic, M.

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