Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Neural Networks: 3-9 September 2013

1. Dynamical behaviors for discontinuous and delayed neural networks in the framework of Filippov differential inclusions
Authors: Lihong Huang, Zuowei Cai, Lingling Zhang, Lian Duan
2. Global exponential dissipativity and stabilization of memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays
Authors: Zhenyuan Guo, Jun Wang, Zheng Yan
3. On the construction of the relevance vector machine based on Bayesian Ying-Yang harmony learning
Dansong Cheng, Minh Nhut Nguyen, Junbin Gao, Daming Shi
4. Exponential stabilization of delayed recurrent neural networks: A state estimation based approach
Authors: He Huang, Tingwen Huang, Xiaoping Chen, Chunjiang Qian

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