Monday, November 4, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Volume 21, Issue 5, October 2013

1. Fuzzy-Model-Based Fault-Tolerant Design for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Against Simultaneous Sensor and Actuator Faults
Author(s): Ming Liu ; Xibin Cao ; Peng Shi
Page(s): 789-799

2. Stability Analysis of Polynomial-Fuzzy-Model-Based Control Systems Using Switching Polynomial Lyapunov Function
Author(s): Lam, H.K. ; Narimani, M. ; Hongyi Li ; Honghai Liu
Page(s): 800-813

3. Hierarchical Clustering Problems and Analysis of Fuzzy Proximity Relation on Granular Space
Author(s): Xu-Qing Tang ; Ping Zhu
Page(s): 814-824

4. RFRR: Robust Fuzzy Rough Reduction
Author(s): Suyun Zhao ; Hong Chen ; Cuiping Li ; Mengyao Zhai ; Xiaoyong Du
Page(s): 825-841

5. Model Checking of Linear-Time Properties Based on Possibility Measure
Author(s): Yongming Li ; Lijun Li
Page(s): 842-854

6. Clustering Spatiotemporal Data: An Augmented Fuzzy C-Means
Author(s): Izakian, H. ; Pedrycz, W. ; Jamal, I.
Page(s): 855-868

7. Conditional Density Estimation Using Probabilistic Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): van den Berg, J. ; Kaymak, U. ; Almeida, R.J.
Page(s): 869-882

8. Robust Stability and Stabilization of Uncertain T–S Fuzzy Systems With Time-Varying Delay: An Input–Output Approach
Author(s): Lin Zhao ; Huijun Gao ; Karimi, H.R.
Page(s): 883-897

9. Multiary α-Resolution Principle for a Lattice-Valued Logic
Author(s): Yang Xu ; Jun Liu ; Xiaomei Zhong ; Shuwei Chen
Page(s): 898-912

10. Adaptive Fuzzy Decentralized Output Feedback Control for Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems With Unknown Dead-Zone Inputs
Author(s): Shaocheng Tong ; Yongming Li
Page(s): 913-925

11. Chaos-Based Fuzzy Regression Approach to Modeling Customer Satisfaction for Product Design
Author(s): Huimin Jiang ; Kwong, C.K. ; Ip, W.H. ; Zengqiang Chen
Page(s): 926-936

12. Induction of Shadowed Sets Based on the Gradual Grade of Fuzziness
Author(s): Tahayori, H. ; Sadeghian, A. ; Pedrycz, W.
Page(s): 937-949

13. A Genetic Fuzzy Linguistic Combination Method for Fuzzy Rule-Based Multiclassifiers
Author(s): Trawinski, K. ; Cordon, O. ; Sanchez, L. ; Quirin, A.
Page(s): 950-965

14. Network-Based Robust Passive Control for Fuzzy Systems With Randomly Occurring Uncertainties
Author(s): Zheng-Guang Wu ; Peng Shi ; Hongye Su ; Jian Chu
Page(s): 966-970

15. A Simple Fuzzy Method to Remove Mixed Gaussian-Impulsive Noise From Color Images
Author(s): Camarena, J.-G. ; Gregori, V. ; Morillas, S. ; Sapena, A.
Page(s): 971-977

16. Proximity-Based Clustering: A Search for Structural Consistency in Data With Semantic Blocks of Features
Author(s): Pedrycz, W.
Page(s): 978-982

17. A Note on Fuzzy Relational Equations With Min-Implication Composition
Author(s): Pingke Li
Page(s): 983-986

18. Comments on “Quantized Control Design for Impulsive Fuzzy Networked Systems”
Author(s): Guotao Hui ; Jun Yang ; Bonan Huang
Page(s): 987

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