Friday, November 22, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 12, December 2013

1. Canonical Correlation Analysis on Data With Censoring and Error Information
Author(s): Sun, J. ; Keates, S.
Pages: 1909-1919

2. Highly Accurate Moving Object Detection in Variable Bit Rate Video-Based Traffic Monitoring Systems
Author(s): Huang, S.-C. ; Chen, B.-H.
Pages: 1920-1931

3. Recurrent Neural Collective Classification
Author(s): Monner, D.D. ; Reggia, J.A.
Pages: 1932-1943

4. Online Selective Kernel-Based Temporal Difference Learning
Author(s): Chen, X. ; Gao, Y. ; Wang, R.
Pages: 1944-1956

5. Stability and Synchronization of Discrete-Time Neural Networks With Switching Parameters and Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Wu, L. ; Feng, Z. ; Lam, J.
Pages: 1957-1972

6. Artificial Endocrine Controller for Power Management in Robotic Systems
Author(s): Sauze, C. ; Neal, M.
Pages: 1973-1985

7. Operator Control of Interneural Computing Machines
Author(s): Shih, M.-H. ; Tsai, F.-S.
Pages: 1986-1998

8. Multiple Graph Label Propagation by Sparse Integration
Author(s): Karasuyama, M. ; Mamitsuka, H.
Pages: 1999-2012

9. Universal Blind Image Quality Assessment Metrics Via Natural Scene Statistics and Multiple Kernel Learning
Author(s): Gao, X. ; Gao, F. ; Tao, D. ; Li, X.
Pages: 2013-2026

10. H_{\infty } State Estimation for Complex Networks With Uncertain Inner Coupling and Incomplete Measurements
Author(s): Shen, B. ; Wang, Z. ; Ding, D. ; Shu, H.
Pages: 2027-2037

11. Goal Representation Heuristic Dynamic Programming on Maze Navigation
Author(s): Ni, Z. ; He, H. ; Wen, J. ; Xu, X.
Pages: 2038-2050

12. Accelerated Canonical Polyadic Decomposition Using Mode Reduction
Author(s): Zhou, G. ; Cichocki, A. ; Xie, S.
Pages: 2051-2062

13. Hardware Friendly Probabilistic Spiking Neural Network With Long-Term and Short-Term Plasticity
Author(s): Hsieh, H.-Y. ; Tang, K.-T.
Pages: 2063-2074

14. Neural Network Architecture for Cognitive Navigation in Dynamic Environments
Author(s): Villacorta-Atienza, J.A. ; Makarov, V.A.
Pages: 2075-2087

15. An Equivalence Between Adaptive Dynamic Programming With a Critic and Backpropagation Through Time
Author(s): Fairbank, M. ; Alonso, E. ; Prokhorov, D.
Pages: 2088-2100

16. Semisupervised Multitask Learning With Gaussian Processes
Author(s): Skolidis, G. ; Sanguinetti, G.
Pages: 2101-2112

17. Nonlinear Projection Trick in Kernel Methods: An Alternative to the Kernel Trick
Author(s): Kwak, N.
Pages: 2113-2119

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