Friday, December 6, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 21, Number 6, December 2013

1. An Improved Estimation Method for Unmodeled Dynamics Based on ANFIS and Its Application to Controller Design
Author(s): Zhang, Y. ; Chai, T. ; Wang, H. ; Chen, X. ; Su, C.-Y.
Pages: 989-1005

2. Linguistic Computational Model Based on 2-Tuples and Intervals
Author(s): Dong, Y. ; Zhang, G. ; Hong, W.-C. ; Yu, S.
Pages: 1006-1018

3. Dynamic Fuzzy Clustering and Its Application in Motion Segmentation
Author(s): Nguyen, T.M. ; Wu, Q.M.J.
Pages: 1019-1031

4. Hierarchical Structured Sparse Representation for T–S Fuzzy Systems Identification
Author(s): Luo, M. ; Sun, F. ; Liu, H.
Pages: 1032-1043

5. Intelligent Hybrid Control System Design for Antilock Braking Systems Using Self-Organizing Function-Link Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller
Author(s): Lin, C.-M. ; Li, H.-Y.
Pages: 1044-1055

6. Simplified Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
Author(s): Mendel, J.M. ; Liu, X.
Pages: 1056-1069

7. Statistical Inference of Rough Set Dependence and Importance Analysis
Author(s): Hu, D. ; Yu, X.
Pages: 1070-1079

8. A Metacognitive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (McFIS) for Sequential Classification Problems
Author(s): Subramanian, K. ; Suresh, S. ; Sundararajan, N.
Pages: 1080-1095

9. Strongest Strong Cycles and $theta$-Fuzzy Graphs
Author(s): Mathew, S. ; Sunitha, M.S.
Pages: 1096-1104

10. Functional Machine With Takagi–Sugeno Inference to Coordinated Movement in Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems
Author(s): dos Santos, C.H.F. ; De Pieri, E.R.
Pages: 1105-1114

11. Human Reliability Evaluation for Offshore Platform Musters Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): Tyagi, S.K. ; Akram, M.
Pages: 1115-1122

12. Enhanced Adaptive Fuzzy Control With Optimal Approximation Error Convergence
Author(s): Pan, Y. ; Er, M.J.
Pages: 1123-1132

13. FINGRAMS: Visual Representations of Fuzzy Rule-Based Inference for Expert Analysis of Comprehensibility
Author(s): Pancho, D.P. ; Alonso, J.M. ; Cordon, O. ; Quirin, A. ; Magdalena, L.
Pages: 1133-1149

14. A New Approach to Interval-Valued Choquet Integrals and the Problem of Ordering in Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set Applications
Author(s): Bustince, H. ; Galar, M. ; Bedregal, B. ; Kolesarova, A. ; Mesiar, R.
Pages: 1150-1162

15. Defuzzification Functionals of Ordered Fuzzy Numbers
Author(s): Kosinski, W. ; Prokopowicz, P. ; Rosa, A.
Pages: 1163-1169

16. A Soft Modularity Function For Detecting Fuzzy Communities in Social Networks
Author(s): Havens, T.C. ; Bezdek, J.C. ; Leckie, C. ; Ramamohanarao, K. ; Palaniswami, M.
Pages: 1170-1175

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