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Neural Networks Volume 50 Pages 1-182 February 2014

Neural Networks Letters

1. Existence and global exponential stability of periodic solution for high-order discrete-time BAM neural networks 
Pages: 98-109
Author(s): Ancai Zhang, Jianlong Qiu, Jinhua She

2. Cellular computational networks—A scalable architecture for learning the dynamics of large networked systems 
Pages: 120-123
Author(s): Bipul Luitel, Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy

Cognitive Science

3. Supervised orthogonal discriminant subspace projects learning for face recognition  
Pages: 33-46
Author(s): Yu Chen, Xiao-Hong Xu

Learning Systems

4. Direct Kernel Perceptron (DKP): Ultra-fast kernel ELM-based classification with non-iterative closed-form weight calculation 
Pages: 60-71
Author(s): Manuel Fernández-Delgado, Eva Cernadas, Senén Barro, Jorge Ribeiro, José Neves

5. Batch gradient method with smoothing image regularization for training of feedforward neural networks  
Pages: 72-78
Author(s): Wei Wu, Qinwei Fan, Jacek M. Zurada, Jian Wang, Dakun Yang, Yan Liu

6. Compressed classification learning with Markov chain samples 
Pages: 90-97
Author(s): Feilong Cao, Tenghui Dai, Yongquan Zhang, Yuanpeng Tan

7. Semi-supervised learning of class balance under class-prior change by distribution matching  
Pages: 110-119
Author(s): Marthinus Christoffel du Plessis, Masashi Sugiyama

8. Robust support vector machine-trained fuzzy system  
Pages: 154-165
Author(s): Yahya Forghani, Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi

9. Large-scale linear nonparallel support vector machine solver  
Pages: 166-174
Author(s): Yingjie Tian, Yuan Ping

10. Finite time convergent learning law for continuous neural networks  
Pages: 175-182
Author(s): Isaac Chairez

Mathematical and Computational Analysis

11. A Bayesian inverse solution using independent component analysis  
Pages: 47-59
Author(s): Jouni Puuronen, Aapo Hyvärinen
12. A one-layer recurrent neural network for constrained nonsmooth invex optimization  
Pages: 79-89
Author(s): Guocheng Li, Zheng Yan, Jun Wang
13. Pointwise probability reinforcements for robust statistical inference  
Pages: 124-141
Author(s): Benoît Frénay, Michel Verleysen
14. A linear recurrent kernel online learning algorithm with sparse updates  
Pages: 142-153
Author(s): Haijin Fan, Qing Song

Engineering and Applications

15. Correcting and combining time series forecasters  
Pages: 1-11
Author(s): Paulo Renato A. Firmino, Paulo S.G. de Mattos Neto, Tiago A.E. Ferreira

16. Hybrid fault diagnosis of nonlinear systems using neural parameter estimators 
Pages: 12-32
Author(s): E. Sobhani-Tehrani, H.A. Talebi, K. Khorasani

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