Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Neural Networks new articles 2 January - 3 February, 2014

1. Safe semi-supervised learning based on weighted likelihood  
Author(s): Masanori Kawakita, Jun’ichi Takeuchi
2. Effects of asymmetric and self coupling on metastable dynamical transient rotating waves in a ring of sigmoidal neurons  
Author(s): Yo Horikawa

3. Kernel learning at the first level of inference  
Author(s): Gavin C. Cawley, Nicola L.C. Talbot
4. Convergence behavior of delayed discrete cellular neural network without periodic coefficients
Author(s): Jinling Wang, Haijun Jiang, Cheng Hu, Tianlong Ma
5. Generalization performance of Gaussian kernels SVMC based on Markov sampling 
Author(s): Jie Xu, Yuan Yan Tang, Bin Zou, Zongben Xu, Luoqing Li, Yang Lu

6. Assist-as-needed robotic trainer based on reinforcement learning and its application to dart-throwing  
Author(s): Chihiro Obayashi, Tomoya Tamei, Tomohiro Shibata
7. Cross-person activity recognition using reduced kernel extreme learning machine 
Author(s): Wan-Yu Deng, Qing-Hua Zheng, Zhong-Min Wang
8. Robust head pose estimation via supervised manifold learning  
Author(s): Chao Wang, Xubo Song

9. Synchronization control of memristor-based recurrent neural networks with perturbations  
Author(s): Weiping Wang, Lixiang Li, Haipeng Peng, Jinghua Xiao, Yixian Yang

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