Monday, July 28, 2014

Neural Networks Volume 57, Pages 1-166, September 2014


1. Bayesian common spatial patterns for multi-subject EEG classification
Author(s): Hyohyeong Kang, Seungjin Choi
Pages: 39-50
2. Estimating the correlation between bursty spike trains and local field potentials
Author(s): Zhaohui Li, Gaoxiang Ouyang, Li Yao, Xiaoli Li
Pages: 63-72

3. Effect of hybrid circle reservoir injected with wavelet-neurons on performance of echo state network
Author(s): Hongyan Cui, Chen Feng, Yuan Chai, Ren Ping Liu, Yunjie Liu
Pages: 141-151

Learning Systems

4. Noise model based image -support vector regression with its application to short-term wind speed forecasting
Author(s): Qinghua Hu, Shiguang Zhang, Zongxia Xie, Jusheng Mi, Jie Wan
Pages: 1-11
5. Using financial risk measures for analyzing generalization performance of machine learning models
Author(s): Akiko Takeda, Takafumi Kanamori
Pages: 29-38
6. Fast Gaussian kernel learning for classification tasks based on specially structured global optimization
Author(s): Shangping Zhong, Tianshun Chen, Fengying He, Yuzhen Niu
Pages: 51-62
7. Semi-supervised information-maximization clustering
Author(s): Daniele Calandriello, Gang Niu, Masashi Sugiyama
Pages: 103-111
8. Model-based policy gradients with parameter-based exploration by least-squares conditional density estimation
Author(s): Voot Tangkaratt, Syogo Mori, Tingting Zhao, Jun Morimoto, Masashi Sugiyama
Pages: 128-140

Mathematical and Computational Analysis

9. Periodicity and dissipativity for memristor-based mixed time-varying delayed neural networks via differential inclusions
Author(s): Lian Duan, Lihong Huang
Pages: 12-22
10. Comparing fixed and variable-width Gaussian networks
Author(s): Věra Kůrková, Paul C. Kainen
Pages: 23-28
11. Synchronization of memristor-based recurrent neural networks with two delay components based on second-order reciprocally convex approach
Author(s): A. Chandrasekar, R. Rakkiyappan, Jinde Cao, S. Lakshmanan
Pages: 79-93
12. Sudoku associative memory
Author(s): Jiann-Ming Wu, Pei-Hsun Hsu, Cheng-Yuan Liou
Pages: 112-127

Engineering and Applications

13. Neural network for solving Nash equilibrium problem in application of multiuser power control
Author(s): Xing He, Junzhi Yu, Tingwen Huang, Chuandong Li, Chaojie Li
Pages: 73-78
14. A new switching design to finite-time stabilization of nonlinear systems with applications to neural networks
Author(s): Xiaoyang Liu, Daniel W.C. Ho, Wenwu Yu, Jinde Cao
Pages: 94-102
15. Image denoising using nonsubsampled shearlet transform and twin support vector machines
Author(s): Hong-Ying Yang, Xiang-Yang Wang, Pan-Pan Niu, Yang-Cheng Liu
Pages: 152-165

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