Thursday, February 5, 2015

Neural Networks Volume 64, Pages 1-64, April 2015

Special Issue on “Deep Learning of Representations”
Edited by Yoshua Bengio and Honglak Lee

1. Editorial introduction to the Neural Networks special issue on Deep Learning of Representations  
Pages: 1-3
Author(s): Yoshua Bengio, Honglak Lee

2. Two-layer contractive encodings for learning stable nonlinear features 
Pages: 4-11
Author(s): Hannes Schulz, Kyunghyun Cho, Tapani Raiko, Sven Behnke

3. Measuring the usefulness of hidden units in Boltzmann machines with mutual information  
Pages: 12-18
Author(s): Mathias Berglund, Tapani Raiko, Kyunghyun Cho

4. Deep learning of support vector machines with class probability output networks 
Pages: 19-28
Author(s): Sangwook Kim, Zhibin Yu, Rhee Man Kil, Minho Lee

5. Expected energy-based restricted Boltzmann machine for classification  
Pages: 29-38
Author(s): S. Elfwing, E. Uchibe, K. Doya

6. Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Large-scale Speech Tasks  
Pages: 39-48
Author(s): Tara N. Sainath, Brian Kingsbury, George Saon, Hagen Soltau, Abdel-rahman Mohamed, George Dahl, Bhuvana Ramabhadran

7. Frame-by-frame language identification in short utterances using deep neural networks  
Pages: 49-58
Author(s): Javier Gonzalez-Dominguez, Ignacio Lopez-Moreno, Pedro J. Moreno, Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez

8. Challenges in representation learning: A report on three machine learning contests  
Pages: 59-63
Author(s): Ian J. Goodfellow, Dumitru Erhan, Pierre Luc Carrier, Aaron Courville, Mehdi Mirza, Ben Hamner, Will Cukierski, Yichuan Tang, David Thaler, Dong-Hyun Lee, Yingbo Zhou, Chetan Ramaiah, Fangxiang Feng, Ruifan Li, Xiaojie Wang, Dimitris Athanasakis, John Shawe-Taylor, Maxim Milakov, John Park, Radu Ionescu, Marius Popescu, Cristian Grozea, James Bergstra, Jingjing Xie, Lukasz Romaszko, Bing Xu, Zhang Chuang, Yoshua Bengio

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