Friday, April 3, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 26, Issue 4, April 2015

1. Fractional Extreme Value Adaptive Training Method: Fractional Steepest Descent Approach
Authors: Yi-Fei Pu; Ji-Liu Zhou; Yi Zhang; Ni Zhang; Guo Huang; Patrick Siarry
Page(s): 653 - 662

2. Quaternion-Valued Echo State Networks
Authors: Yili Xia; Cyrus Jahanchahi; Danilo P. Mandic
Page(s): 663 - 673

3. Successive Overrelaxation for Laplacian Support Vector Machine
Authors: Zhiquan Qi; Yingjie Tian; Yong Shi
Page(s): 674 - 683

4. Adaptive Optimal Control of Highly Dissipative Nonlinear Spatially Distributed Processes With Neuro-Dynamic Programming
Authors: Biao Luo; Huai-Ning Wu; Han-Xiong Li
Page(s): 684 - 696

5. Convolutive Bounded Component Analysis Algorithms for Independent and Dependent Source Separation
Authors: Huseyin A. Inan; Alper T. Erdogan
Page(s): 697 - 708

6. Gaussian Kernel Width Optimization for Sparse Bayesian Learning
Authors: Yalda Mohsenzadeh; Hamid Sheikhzadeh
Page(s): 709 - 719

7. Multiclass Semisupervised Learning Based Upon Kernel Spectral Clustering
Authors: Siamak Mehrkanoon; Carlos Alzate; Raghvendra Mall; Rocco Langone; Johan A. K. Suykens
Page(s): 720 - 733

8. Impulsive Stabilization and Impulsive Synchronization of Discrete-Time Delayed Neural Networks
Authors: Wu-Hua Chen; Xiaomei Lu; Wei Xing Zheng
Page(s): 734 - 748

9. A Universal Concept Based on Cellular Neural Networks for Ultrafast and Flexible Solving of Differential Equations
Authors: Jean Chamberlain Chedjou; Kyandoghere Kyamakya
Page(s): 749 - 762

10. On Learning Navigation Behaviors for Small Mobile Robots With Reservoir Computing Architectures
Authors: Eric Aislan Antonelo; Benjamin Schrauwen
Page(s): 763 - 780

11. Coupled Attribute Similarity Learning on Categorical Data
Authors: Can Wang; Xiangjun Dong; Fei Zhou; Longbing Cao; Chi-Hung Chi
Page(s): 781 - 797

12. Topology-Based Clustering Using Polar Self-Organizing Map
Authors: Lu Xu; Tommy W. S. Chow; Eden W. M. Ma
Page(s): 798 - 808

13. Robust Consensus Tracking Control for Multiagent Systems With Initial State Shifts, Disturbances, and Switching Topologies
Authors: Deyuan Meng; Yingmin Jia; Junping Du
Page(s): 809 - 824

14. $L_{1}$ -Norm Low-Rank Matrix Factorization by Variational Bayesian Method
Authors: Qian Zhao; Deyu Meng; Zongben Xu; Wangmeng Zuo; Yan Yan
Page(s): 825 - 839

15. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Collective Neurodynamic Optimization
Authors: Zheng Yan; Jun Wang
Page(s): 840 - 850

16. Multiple Actor-Critic Structures for Continuous-Time Optimal Control Using Input-Output Data
Authors: Ruizhuo Song; Frank Lewis; Qinglai Wei; Hua-Guang Zhang; Zhong-Ping Jiang; Dan Levine
Page(s): 851 - 865

17. Infinite Horizon Self-Learning Optimal Control of Nonaffine Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems
Authors: Qinglai Wei; Derong Liu; Xiong Yang
Page(s): 866 - 879

18. A Bootstrap Based Neyman-Pearson Test for Identifying Variable Importance
Authors: Gregory Ditzler; Robi Polikar; Gail Rosen
Page(s): 880 - 886

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