Tuesday, June 16, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, Volume 7, Number 2, June 2015

1. Equivalence Classes in Chinese Dark Chess Endgames
Author(s): Chen, J.-C.; Lin, T.-Y.; Chen, B.-N.; Hsu, T.
Page(s): 109-122

2. Creating Autonomous Adaptive Agents in a Real-Time First-Person Shooter Computer Game
Author(s): Wang, D.; Tan, A.-H.
Page(s): 123-138

3. Integrated Approach to Personalized Procedural Map Generation Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Author(s): Raffe, W.L.; Zambetta, F.; Li, X.; Stanley, K.O.
Page(s): 139-155

4. Stronger Virtual Connections in Hex
Author(s): Pawlewicz, J.; Hayward, R.; Henderson, P.; Arneson, B.
Page(s): 156-166

5. MCTS-Minimax Hybrids
Author(s): Baier, H.; Winands, M.H.M.
Page(s): 167-179

6. Adaptive Shooting for Bots in First Person Shooter Games Using Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Glavin, F.G.; Madden, M.G.
Page(s): 180-192

7. Fast Algorithm for Catching a Prey Quickly in Known and Partially Known Game Maps
Author(s): Baier, J.A.; Botea, A.; Harabor, D.; Hernandez, C.
Page(s): 193-199

8. Memory-Efficient Method for Fast Computation of Short 15-Puzzle Solutions
Author(s): Parberry, I.
Page(s): 200-203

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