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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 26, Issue 11, November 2015

1. Joint Learning of Multiple Sparse Matrix Gaussian Graphical Models
Authors: Feihu Huang; Songcan Chen
Page(s): 2606 - 2620

2. Mode-Dependent Stochastic Synchronization for Markovian Coupled Neural Networks With Time-Varying Mode-Delays
Authors: Huaguang Zhang; Junyi Wang; Zhanshan Wang; Hongjing Liang
Page(s): 2621 - 2634

3. A Digital Liquid State Machine With Biologically Inspired Learning and Its Application to Speech Recognition
Authors: Yong Zhang; Peng Li; Yingyezhe Jin; Yoonsuck Choe
Page(s): 2635 - 2649

4. Noise Level Estimation for Model Selection in Kernel PCA Denoising
Authors: Carolina Varon; Carlos Alzate; Johan A. K. Suykens
Page(s): 2650 - 2663

5. Active Learning-Based Pedagogical Rule Extraction
Authors: Enric Junque de Fortuny; David Martens
Page(s): 2664 - 2677

6. Impulsive Multiconsensus of Second-Order Multiagent Networks Using Sampled Position Data
Authors: Zhi-Hong Guan; Guang-Song Han; Juan Li; Ding-Xin He; Gang Feng
Page(s): 2678 - 2688

7. Maximum Entropy Discrimination Poisson Regression for Software Reliability Modeling
Authors: Sotirios P. Chatzis; Andreas S. Andreou
Page(s): 2689 - 2701

8. Universal Memcomputing Machines
Authors: Fabio Lorenzo Traversa; Massimiliano Di Ventra
Page(s): 2702 - 2715

9. Incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis: A Fast Algorithm and Comparisons
Authors: Delin Chu; Li-Zhi Liao; Michael Kwok-Po Ng; Xiaoyan Wang
Page(s): 2716 - 2735

10. An Information-Based Learning Approach to Dual Control
Authors: Tansu Alpcan; Iman Shames
Page(s): 2736 - 2748

11. Decentralized Output Feedback Adaptive NN Tracking Control for Time-Delay Stochastic Nonlinear Systems With Prescribed Performance
Authors: Changchun Hua; Liuliu Zhang; Xinping Guan
2749 - 2759

12. Robust Nonnegative Patch Alignment for Dimensionality Reduction
Authors: Xinge You; Weihua Ou; Chun Lung Philip Chen; Qiang Li; Ziqi Zhu; Yuanyan Tang
Page(s): 2760 - 2774

13. Adaptive Robust Output Feedback Control for a Marine Dynamic Positioning System Based on a High-Gain Observer
Authors: Jialu Du; Xin Hu; Hongbo Liu; C. L. Philip Chen
Page(s): 2775 - 2786

14. An Interval-Valued Neural Network Approach for Uncertainty Quantification in Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction
Authors: Ronay Ak; Valeria Vitelli; Enrico Zio
Page(s): 2787 - 2800

15. MRM-Lasso: A Sparse Multiview Feature Selection Method via Low-Rank Analysis
Authors: Wanqi Yang; Yang Gao; Yinghuan Shi; Longbing Cao
Page(s): 2801 - 2815

16. On the Universality of Axon P Systems
Authors: Xingyi Zhang; Linqiang Pan; Andrei Paun
Page(s): 2816 - 2829

17. Recurrent Neural Network for Computing the Drazin Inverse
Authors: Predrag S. Stanimirovic; Ivan S. Zivkovic; Yimin Wei
Page(s): 2830 - 2843

18. Adaptive Neural Network Dynamic Surface Control for a Class of Time-Delay Nonlinear Systems With Hysteresis Inputs and Dynamic Uncertainties
Authors: Xiuyu Zhang; Chun-Yi Su; Yan Lin; Lianwei Ma; Jianguo Wang
Page(s): 2844 - 2860

19. Improved Learning Performance of Hardware Self-Organizing Map Using a Novel Neighborhood Function
Authors: Hiroomi Hikawa; Yutaka Maeda
Page(s): 2861 - 2873

20. Robust Multitask Multiview Tracking in Videos
Authors: Xue Mei; Zhibin Hong; Danil Prokhorov; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 2874 - 2890

21. A Projection Neural Network for Constrained Quadratic Minimax Optimization
Authors: Qingshan Liu; Jun Wang
Page(s): 2891 - 2900

22. Multistability and Instability of Neural Networks With Discontinuous Nonmonotonic Piecewise Linear Activation Functions
Authors: Xiaobing Nie; Wei Xing Zheng
Page(s): 2901 - 2913

23. Finite-Time Stabilizability and Instabilizability of Delayed Memristive Neural Networks With Nonlinear Discontinuous Controller
Authors: Leimin Wang; Yi Shen
Page(s): 2914 - 2924

24. Model-Free Primitive-Based Iterative Learning Control Approach to Trajectory Tracking of MIMO Systems With Experimental Validation
Authors: Mircea-Bogdan Radac; Radu-Emil Precup; Emil M. Petriu
Page(s): 2925 - 2938

25. Enhanced Data-Driven Optimal Terminal ILC Using Current Iteration Control Knowledge
Authors: Ronghu Chi; Zhongsheng Hou; Shangtai Jin; Danwei Wang; Chiang-Ju Chien
Page(s): 2939 - 2948

26. Data-Driven H_\infty   Control for Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems
Authors: Biao Luo; Tingwen Huang; Huai-Ning Wu; Xiong Yang
Page(s): 2949 - 2961

27. Neurodynamics-Based Robust Pole Assignment for High-Order Descriptor Systems
Authors: Xinyi Le; Jun Wang
Page(s): 2962 - 2971

28. Sparse Density Estimation on the Multinomial Manifold
Authors: Xia Hong; Junbin Gao; Sheng Chen; Tanveer Zia
Page(s): 2972 - 2977

29. Spatiotemporal System Identification With Continuous Spatial Maps and Sparse Estimation
Authors: Parham Aram; Visakan Kadirkamanathan; Sean R. Anderson
Page(s): 2978 - 2983

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