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Neural Networks, Volume 74, Pages 1-100, February 2016

1. Pixel classification based color image segmentation using quaternion exponent moments  
Pages: 1-13
Authors: Xiang-Yang Wang, Zhi-Fang Wu, Liang Chen, Hong-Liang Zheng, Hong-Ying Yang

2. TWSVR: Regression via Twin Support Vector Machine  
Pages: 14-21
Authors: Reshma Khemchandani, Keshav Goyal, Suresh Chandra

3. SIM-ELM: Connecting the ELM model with similarity-function learning  
Pages: 22-34
Authors: Paolo Gastaldo, Federica Bisio, Sergio Decherchi, Rodolfo Zunino

4. Behavioral plasticity through the modulation of switch neurons  
Pages: 35-51
Authors: Vassilis Vassiliades, Chris Christodoulou

5. Event-triggered synchronization strategy for complex dynamical networks with the Markovian switching topologies  
Pages: 52-57
Authors: Aijuan Wang, Tao Dong, Xiaofeng Liao

6. Stability of discrete time recurrent neural networks and nonlinear optimization problems  
Pages: 58-72
Authors: Jayant Singh, Nikita Barabanov

7. Boundedness, Mittag-Leffler stability and asymptotical image -periodicity of fractional-order fuzzy neural networks  
Pages: 73-84
Authors: Ailong Wu, Zhigang Zeng

8. Non-fragile image synchronization of memristor-based neural networks using passivity theory  
Pages: 85-100
Authors: K. Mathiyalagan, R. Anbuvithya, R. Sakthivel, Ju H. Park, P. Prakash

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