Wednesday, March 2, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 27, Issue 3, March 2016.

1. Neural Network-Based Event-Triggered State Feedback Control of Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems
Authors: Avimanyu Sahoo; Hao Xu; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Page(s): 497 - 509

2. Robust Adaptive Neural Tracking Control for a Class of Stochastic Nonlinear Interconnected Systems
Authors: Huanqing Wang; Xiaoping Liu; Kefu Liu
Page(s): 510 - 523

3. Generating Highly Accurate Predictions for Missing QoS Data via Aggregating Nonnegative Latent Factor Models
Authors: Xin Luo; MengChu Zhou; Yunni Xia; Qingsheng Zhu; Ahmed Chiheb Ammari; Ahmed Alabdulwahab
Page(s): 524 - 537

4. Comparison of Seven Methods for Boolean Factor Analysis and Their Evaluation by Information Gain
Authors: Alexander A. Frolov; Dusan Husek; Pavel Yu. Polyakov
Page(s): 538 - 550

5. A New Stochastic Computing Methodology for Efficient Neural Network Implementation
Authors: DVincent Canals; Antoni Morro; Antoni Oliver; Miquel L. Alomar; Josep L. Rossello
Page(s): 551 - 564

6. Hierarchical Theme and Topic Modeling
Authors: Jen-Tzung Chien
Page(s): 565 - 578

7. A Nonnegative Latent Factor Model for Large-Scale Sparse Matrices in Recommender Systems via Alternating Direction Method
Authors: Xin Luo; MengChu Zhou; Shuai Li; Zhuhong You; Yunni Xia; Qingsheng Zhu
Page(s): 579 - 592

8. Global Exponential Stability for Complex-Valued Recurrent Neural Networks With Asynchronous Time Delays
Authors: Xiwei Liu; Tianping Chen
Page(s): 593 - 606

9. Perception Evolution Network Based on Cognition Deepening Model—Adapting to the Emergence of New Sensory Receptor
Authors: Youlu Xing; Furao Shen; Jinxi Zhao
Page(s): 607 - 620

10. A Spiking Neural Network System for Robust Sequence Recognition
Authors: Qiang Yu; Rui Yan; Huajin Tang; Kay Chen Tan; Haizhou Li
Page(s): 621 - 635

11. DC Proximal Newton for Nonconvex Optimization Problems
Authors: Alain Rakotomamonjy; Remi Flamary; Gilles Gasso
Page(s): 636 - 647

12. Relevance Vector Machine for Survival Analysis
Authors: Farkhondeh Kiaee; Hamid Sheikhzadeh; Samaneh Eftekhari Mahabadi
Page(s): 648 - 660

13. Analog Programmable Distance Calculation Circuit for Winner Takes All Neural Network Realized in the CMOS Technology
Authors: Tomasz Talaska; Marta Kolasa; Rafal Dlugosz; Witold Pedrycz
Page(s): 661 - 673

14. Image Categorization by Learning a Propagated Graphlet Path
Authors: Luming Zhang; Richang Hong; Yue Gao; Rongrong Ji; Qionghai Dai; Xuelong Li
Page(s): 674 - 685

15. Lag Synchronization of Memristor-Based Coupled Neural Networks via \omega-Measure
Authors: Ning Li; Jinde Cao
Page(s): 686 - 697

16. L_{1}-Minimization Algorithms for Sparse Signal Reconstruction Based on a Projection Neural Network
Authors: Qingshan Liu; Jun Wang
Page(s): 698 - 707

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