Sunday, April 3, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 27, Issue 4, April 2016

1. A Simple Method for Solving the SVM Regularization Path for Semidefinite Kernels
Author(s): Christopher G. Sentelle; Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos; Michael Georgiopoulos
Page(s): 709 - 722

2. Approximate Orthogonal Sparse Embedding for Dimensionality Reduction
Author(s): Zhihui Lai; Wai Keung Wong; Yong Xu; Jian Yang; David Zhang
Page(s): 723 - 735

3. Bayesian Robust Tensor Factorization for Incomplete Multiway Data
Author(s): Qibin Zhao; Guoxu Zhou; Liqing Zhang; Andrzej Cichocki; Shun-Ichi Amari
Page(s): 736 - 748

4. Pinning Control Strategies for Synchronization of Linearly Coupled Neural Networks With Reaction–Diffusion Terms
Author(s): Jin-Liang Wang; Huai-Ning Wu; Tingwen Huang; Shun-Yan Ren
Page(s): 749 - 761

5. Finite-Time Consensus for Multiagent Systems With Cooperative and Antagonistic Interactions
Author(s): Deyuan Meng; Yingmin Jia; Junping Du
Page(s): 762 - 770

6. Kernel-Based Least Squares Temporal Difference With Gradient Correction
Author(s): Tianheng Song; Dazi Li; Liulin Cao; Kotaro Hirasawa
Page(s): 771 - 782

7. Sparse LSSVM in Primal Using Cholesky Factorization for Large-Scale Problems
Author(s): Shuisheng Zhou
Page(s): 783 - 795

8. Effective Discriminative Feature Selection With Nontrivial Solution
Author(s): Hong Tao; Chenping Hou; Feiping Nie; Yuanyuan Jiao; Dongyun Yi
Page(s): 796 - 808

9. Extreme Learning Machine for Multilayer Perceptron
Author(s): Jiexiong Tang; Chenwei Deng; Guang-Bin Huang
Page(s): 809 - 821

10. Robust Gradient Learning With Applications
Author(s): Yunlong Feng; Yuning Yang; Johan A. K. Suykens
Page(s): 822 - 835

11. An Asynchronous Recurrent Network of Cellular Automaton-Based Neurons and Its Reproduction of Spiking Neural Network Activities
Author(s): Takashi Matsubara; Hiroyuki Torikai
Page(s): 836 - 852

12. Finite-Time Consensus of Multiagent Systems With a Switching Protocol
Author(s): Xiaoyang Liu; James Lam; Wenwu Yu; Guanrong Chen
Page(s): 853 - 862

13. Objective Function and Learning Algorithm for the General Node Fault Situation
Author(s): Yi Xiao; Rui-Bin Feng; Chi-Sing Leung; John Sum
Page(s): 863 - 874

14. Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Rotation and Truncation
Author(s): Zhenfang Hu; Gang Pan; Yueming Wang; Zhaohui Wu
Page(s): 875 - 890

15. Low-Discrepancy Points for Deterministic Assignment of Hidden Weights in Extreme Learning Machines
Author(s): Cristiano Cervellera; Danilo Macciò
Page(s): 891 - 896

16. Asymptotic Normality of the Maximum Pseudolikelihood Estimator for Fully Visible Boltzmann Machines
Author(s): Hien D. Nguyen; Ian A. Wood
Page(s): 897 - 902

17. Mixed H-Infinity and Passive Filtering for Discrete Fuzzy Neural Networks With Stochastic Jumps and Time Delays
Author(s): Peng Shi; Yingqi Zhang; Mohammed Chadli; Ramesh K. Agarwal
Page(s): 903 - 909

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