Monday, September 12, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, vol. 24, issue 3, 2016

1. Nonfragile  H_{\infty } Fuzzy Filtering With Randomly Occurring Gain Variations and Channel Fadings
Author(s):  Sunjie Zhang ; Zidong Wang ; Derui Ding ; Hongli Dong ; Fuad E. Alsaadi ; Tasawar Hayat
Page(s):  505- 518

2. Chain and Substitution Rules of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Calculus
Author(s):  Qian Lei ; Zeshui Xu
Page(s):  519- 529

3. Extended Fuzzy Logic: Sets and Systems
Author(s):  Farnaz Sabahi ; Mohammad Reza Akbarzadeh-T
Page(s):  530- 543

4. Fuzzy-Model-Based Robust  H_{\infty } Design of Nonlinear Packetized Networked Control Systems
Author(s):  Bin Tang ; Shiguo Peng ; Yun Zhang
Page(s):  544- 557

5. Extensions of Atanassov's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Interaction Bonferroni Means and Their Application to Multiple-Attribute Decision Making
Author(s):  Yingdong He ; Zhen He
Page(s):  558- 573

6. Evolving Type-2 Fuzzy Classifier
Author(s):  Mahardhika Pratama ; Jie Lu ; Guangquan Zhang
Page(s):  574- 589

7. Multicriteria Decision Making With Ordinal/Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets For Mobile Apps
Author(s):  Ronald R. Yager
Page(s):  590- 599

8. Improving Linguistic Pairwise Comparison Consistency via Linguistic Discrete Regions
Author(s):  Hengshan Zhang ; Qinghua Zheng ; Ting Liu ; Zijiang Yang ; Minnan Luo ; Yu Qu
Page(s):  600- 614

9. Law of Large Numbers for Uncertain Random Variables
Author(s):  Kai Yao ; Jinwu Gao
Page(s):  615- 621

10. Output Feedback Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Controller Based on Frequency-Domain Methods
Author(s):  Krzysztof Wiktorowicz
Page(s):  622- 634

11. Stability and Stabilization of Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems via Sampled-Data and State Quantized Controller
Author(s):  Yajuan Liu ; S. M. Lee
Page(s):  635- 644

12. Parameterizing the Semantics of Fuzzy Attribute Implications by Systems of Isotone Galois Connections
Author(s):  Vilem Vychodil
Page(s):  645- 660

13. Decentralized Sampled-Data Fuzzy Observer Design for Nonlinear Interconnected Systems
Author(s):  Geun Bum Koo ; Jin Bae Park ; Young Hoon Joo
Page(s):  661- 674

14. Robust Stability Analysis and Systematic Design of Single-Input Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers
Author(s):  Tufan Kumbasar
Page(s):  675- 694

15. Rough-Set-Theoretic Fuzzy Cues-Based Object Tracking Under Improved Particle Filter Framework
Author(s):  Pojala Chiranjeevi ; Somnath Sengupta
Page(s):  695- 707

16. Fuzzy Multiobjective Modeling and Optimization for One-Shot Multiattribute Exchanges With Indivisible Demand
Author(s):  Zhong-Zhong Jiang ; Zhi-Ping Fan ; W. H. Ip ; Xiaohong Chen
Page(s):  708- 723

17. Global Fuzzy Adaptive Hierarchical Path Tracking Control of a Mobile Robot With Experimental Validation
Author(s):  Chih-Lyang Hwang ; Wei-Li Fang
Page(s):  724- 740

18. Asymmetric Fuzzy Preference Relations Based on the Generalized Sigmoid Scale and Their Application in Decision Making Involving Risk Appetites
Author(s):  Wei Zhou ; Zeshui Xu
Page(s):  741- 756

19. Possibilistic Functional Dependencies and Their Relationship to Possibility Theory
Author(s):  Sebastian Link ; Henri Prade
Page(s):  757- 763

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