Monday, March 13, 2017

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 28, Issue 3, March 2017

1. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on New Developments in Neural Network Structures for Signal Processing, Autonomous Decision, and Adaptive Control
Author(s): Yong-Duan Song; Frank L. Lewis; Marios Polycarpou; Danil Prokhorov; Dongbin Zhao
Page(s): 494 - 499

2. Value and Policy Iterations in Optimal Control and Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Dimitri P. Bertsekas
Page(s): 500 - 509

3. Machine Learning Capabilities of a Simulated Cerebellum
Author(s): Matthew Hausknecht; Wen-Ke Li; Michael Mauk; Peter Stone
Page(s): 510 - 522

4. Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Tim de Bruin; Kim Verbert; Robert Babuška
Page(s): 523 - 533

5. Neural Network-Based Solutions for Stochastic Optimal Control Using Path Integrals
Author(s): Karthikeyan Rajagopal; Sivasubramanya Nadar Balakrishnan; Jerome R. Busemeyer
Page(s): 534 - 545

6. Sequential Nonlinear Learning for Distributed Multiagent Systems via Extreme Learning Machines
Author(s): Nuri Denizcan Vanli; Muhammed O. Sayin; Ibrahim Delibalta; Suleyman Serdar Kozat
Page(s): 546 - 558

7. Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Synchronization Control of a Class of Complex Dynamical Networks With General Input Distribution Matrices and Actuator Faults
Author(s): Xiao-Jian Li; Guang-Hong Yang
Page(s): 559 - 569

8. Cluster Synchronization on Multiple Nonlinearly Coupled Dynamical Subnetworks of Complex Networks With Nonidentical Nodes
Author(s): Lili Zhou; Chunhua Wang; Sichun Du; Ling Zhou
Page(s): 570 - 583

9. Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle Tracking Control Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Chaoxu Mu; Zhen Ni; Changyin Sun; Haibo He
Page(s): 584 - 598

. LQR-Based Optimal Distributed Cooperative Design for Linear Discrete-Time Multiagent Systems
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang; Tao Feng; Hongjing Liang; Yanhong Luo
Page(s): 599 - 611

11. Synchronization of Arbitrarily Switched Boolean Networks
Author(s): Hongwei Chen; Jinling Liang; Tingwen Huang; Jinde Cao
Page(s): 612 - 619

12. A Two-Time-Scale Neurodynamic Approach to Constrained Minimax Optimization
Author(s): Xinyi Le; Jun Wang
Page(s): 620 - 629

13. Finite-Time State Estimation for Coupled Markovian Neural Networks With Sensor Nonlinearities
Author(s): Zhuo Wang; Yong Xu; Renquan Lu; Hui Peng
Page(s): 630 - 638

14. Approximate Optimal Control of Affine Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems Using Event-Sampled Neurodynamic Programming
Author(s): Avimanyu Sahoo; Hao Xu; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Page(s): 639 - 652

15. Deep Direct Reinforcement Learning for Financial Signal Representation and Trading
Author(s): Yue Deng; Feng Bao; Youyong Kong; Zhiquan Ren; Qionghai Dai
Page(s): 653 - 664

16. A Telescopic Binary Learning Machine for Training Neural Networks
Author(s): Mauro Brunato; Roberto Battiti
Page(s): 665 - 677

17. Fraction Dynamic-Surface-Based Neuroadaptive Finite-Time Containment Control of Multiagent Systems in Nonaffine Pure-Feedback Form
Author(s): Yujuan Wang; Yongduan Song
Page(s): 678 - 689

18. Deep Neural Network for Structural Prediction and Lane Detection in Traffic Scene
Author(s): Jun Li; Xue Mei; Danil Prokhorov; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 690 - 703

19. Off-Policy Integral Reinforcement Learning Method to Solve Nonlinear Continuous-Time Multiplayer Nonzero-Sum Games
Author(s): Ruizhuo Song; Frank L. Lewis; Qinglai Wei
Page(s): 704 - 713

20. Iterative Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Solving Unknown Nonlinear Zero-Sum Game Based on Online Data
Author(s): Yuanheng Zhu; Dongbin Zhao; Xiangjun Li
Page(s): 714 - 725

21. Adaptive Output Neural Network Control for a Class of Stochastic Nonlinear Systems With Dead-Zone Nonlinearities
Author(s): Li-Bing Wu; Guang-Hong Yang
Page(s): 726 - 739

22. Sampled-Data Synchronization Analysis of Markovian Neural Networks With Generally Incomplete Transition Rates
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang; Junyi Wang; Zhanshan Wang; Hongjing Liang
Page(s): 740 - 752

23. Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Infinite-Horizon Approximate Optimal Tracking
Author(s): Rushikesh Kamalapurkar; Lindsey Andrews; Patrick Walters; Warren E. Dixon
Page(s): 753 - 758

24. Dual RBFNNs-Based Model-Free Adaptive Control With Aspen HYSYS Simulation
Author(s): Yuanming Zhu; Zhongsheng Hou; Feng Qian; Wenli Du
Page(s): 759 - 765

25. Exponential Stability of Complex-Valued Memristive Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Huamin Wang; Shukai Duan; Tingwen Huang; Lidan Wang; Chuandong Li
Page(s): 766 - 771

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