Monday, March 20, 2017

Soft Computing, Volume 21, Number 6 Special Issue on Quantum, Logic & Music

1. Preface
Author(s): Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Roberto Giuntini, Eleonora Negri, Giuseppe Sergioli & Sonja Smets
Pages: 1371-1372

2. Semilattices global valuations in the topos approach to quantum mechanics
Author(s): Hector Freytes, Christian de Ronde & Graciela Domenech
Pages: 1373-1379

3. Quantum approach to epistemic semantics
Author(s): Giuseppe Sergioli & Roberto Leporini
Pages: 1381-1390

4. A note on many valued quantum computational logics
Author(s): Giuseppe Sergioli & Antonio Ledda
Pages: 1391-1400

5. Modelling tonal attraction: tonal hierarchies, interval cycles, and quantum probabilities
Author(s): Reinhard Blutner
Pages: 1401-1419

6. Deriving the correctness of quantum protocols in the probabilistic logic for quantum programs
Author(s): Jort Martinus Bergfeld & Joshua Sack
Pages: 1421-1441

7. Factor varieties
Author(s): Antonino Salibra, Antonio Ledda & Francesco Paoli
Pages: 1443-1454

8. Effectiveness of the quantum-mechanical formalism in cognitive modeling
Author(s): Sandro Sozzo
Pages: 1455-1465

9. Quantum music
Author(s): Volkmar Putz & Karl Svozil
Pages: 1467-1471

10. A quantum-like semantic analysis of ambiguity in music
Author(s): Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Roberto Giuntini, Antonino Riccardo Luciani & Eleonora Negri
Pages: 1473-1481

11. Do spins have directions?
Author(s): Diederik Aerts & Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi
Pages: 1483-1504

12. The state context property formalism: from concept theory to the semantics of music
Author(s): Tomas Veloz & Pablo Razeto
Pages: 1505-1513

13. The rhythm of quantum algorithms
Author(s): Stefano Bonzio & Paola Verrucchi
Pages: 1515-1521

14. Modeling correlated information change: from conditional beliefs to quantum conditionals
Author(s): Alexandru Baltag & Sonja Smets
Pages: 1523-1535

15. Teaching–learning-based optimization algorithm for multi-skill resource constrained project scheduling problem
Author(s): Huan-yu Zheng, Ling Wang & Xiao-long Zheng
Pages: 1537-1548

16. A novel harmony search algorithm with gaussian mutation for multi-objective optimization
Author(s): Xiangshan Dai, Xiaofang Yuan & Lianghong Wu
Pages: 1549-1567

17. Low-rank representation with graph regularization for subspace clustering
Author(s): Wu He, Jim X. Chen & Weihua Zhang
Pages: 1569-1581

18. Modeling and predicting the user next input by Bayesian reasoning
Author(s): Luigi Troiano, Cosimo Birtolo & Roberto Armenise
Pages: 1583-1600

19. Topology-based analysis of self-organizing maps for time series prediction
Author(s): Juan GarcĂ­a-Rois & Juan C. Burguillo
Pages: 1601-1618

20. Constrained fuzzy evidential multivariate model identified by EM algorithm: a soft sensor to monitoring imprecise and uncertain process parameters
Author(s): Yong-sheng Hao, Zhi-gang Su, Pei-hong Wang & Ming Zhao
Pages: 1619-1642

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