Saturday, May 20, 2017

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 25, Issue 2, April 2017

Guest EditorialSpecial Issue on Fuzzy Techniques in Financial Modeling and Simulation
Authors: Antoaneta Serguieva, Hisao Ishibuchi, Ronald R Yager, Vasile Palade
Pages: 245-248

1.  Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization of Type-2 Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems for Financial Data Classification
Authors: Michela Antonelli, Dario Bernardo, Hani Hagras, Francesco Marcelloni
Pages: 249-264

2. Rough Information Set and Its Applications in Decision Making
Author: Manish Aggarwal
Pages: 265-276

3.  Modeling Stock Price Dynamics With Fuzzy Opinion Networks
Author: Li-Xin Wang
Pages: 277-301

4.  Evolving Possibilistic Fuzzy Modeling for Realized Volatility Forecasting With Jumps
Authors: Leandro Maciel, Rosangela Ballini, Fernando Gomide
Pages: 302-314

5.  FN-TOPSIS: Fuzzy Networks for Ranking Traded Equities
Authors: Abdul Malek Yaakob, Antoaneta Serguieva, Alexander Gegov
Pages: 215-332

6.  Stock Picking by Probability–Possibility Approaches
Authors: Jean-Marc Le Caillec, Alya Itani, Didier Guriot, Yves Rakotondratsimba
Pages: 333-349

7.  Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection with the Ordered Weighted Average
Authors: Sigifredo Laengle, Gino Loyola, Jos´e M. Merig´o
Pages: 350-362

8. Adaptive Budget-Portfolio Investment Optimization Under Risk Tolerance Ambiguity
Authors: Shuming Wang, Bo Wang, Junzo Watada
Pages: 363-376

9.  Fuzzy Decision Theory Based Metaheuristic Portfolio Optimization and Active Rebalancing Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author: G. A. Vijayalakshmi Pai
Pages: 377-391

10. Fuzzy Approaches to Option Price Modeling
Authors: Silvia Muzzioli and Bernard De Baets
Pages: 392-401

11.  Option Pricing With Application of Levy Processes and the Minimal Variance Equivalent Martingale Measure Under Uncertainty
Authors: Piotr Nowak and Michał Pawłowski
Pages: 402-416

12. Quanto European Option Pricing With Ambiguous Return Rates and Volatilities
Authors: Junfei Zhang and Shoumei Li
Pages: 417-424

13. A Comparison of Bidding Strategies for Online Auctions Using Fuzzy Reasoning and Negotiation Decision Functions
Authors: Preetinder Kaur, Madhu Goyal, Jie Lu
Pages: 425-438

14. Fuzzy Dynamical System Scenario Simulation-Based Cross-Border Financial Contagion Analysis: A Perspective From International Capital Flows
Authors: Xinxin Xu, Ziqiang Zeng, Jiuping Xu, Mengxiang Zhang
Pages: 439-459

15.  Multiobjective Investment Policy for a Nonlinear Stochastic Financial System: A Fuzzy Approach
Authors: Chien-Feng Wu and Weihai Zhang
Pages: 460-474

16.  A Fuzzy Control Model for Restraint of Bullwhip Effect in Uncertain Closed-Loop Supply Chain With Hybrid Recycling Channels
Authors: Songtao Zhang, Xue Li, Chunyang Zhang
Pages: 475-482

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