Tuesday, June 13, 2017

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Volume 9, Number 2, June 2017

1. Yielding Self-Perception in Robots Through Sensorimotor Contingencies
Author(s): P. Lanillos, E. Dean-Leon and G. Cheng
Pages: 100 - 112

2. Online Multimodal Ensemble Learning Using Self-Learned Sensorimotor Representations
Author(s): M. Zambelli and Y. Demirisy
Pages: 113 - 126

3. Perception of Localized Features During Robotic Sensorimotor Development
Author(s): A. Giagkos, D. Lewkowicz, P. Shaw, S. Kumar, M. Lee and Q. Shen
Pages: 113 - 126

4. Building a Sensorimotor Representation of a Naive Agent’s Tactile Space
Author(s): V. Marcel, S. Argentieri and B. Gas
Pages: 141 - 152

5. A Multimodal Model of Object Deformation Under Robotic Pushing
Author(s): V. E. Arriola-Rios and J. L. Wyatt
Pages: 153 - 169

6. Analysis of Cognitive Dissonance and Overload through Ability-Demand Gap Models
Author(s): G. Hossain and M. Yeasin
Pages: 170 - 182

7. Constructing a Language From Scratch: Combining Bottom–Up and Top–Down Learning Processes in a Computational Model of Language Acquisition
Author(s): J. Gaspers, P. Cimiano, K. Rohlfing and B. Wrede
Pages: 183 - 196

8. Behavior-Based SSVEP Hierarchical Architecture for Telepresence Control of Humanoid Robot to Achieve Full-Body Movement
Author(s): J. Zhao, W. Li, X. Mao, H. Hu, L. Niu and G. Chen
Pages: 197 - 209

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