Saturday, July 1, 2017

Weekly Review 1 July 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.
  1. What Garry Kasparov thinks of AI:
  2. Top 15 Python libraries for data science:
  3. A lot of money is getting invested in AI:
  4. A collection of cheat sheets for machine learning and deep learning libraries:
  5. The General AI Challenge has a $5M prize:
  6. A method of measuring progress in AI research:
  7. What it means for humans to be smart, in the age of AI:
  8. My father was in his mid-40s when I was born:
  9. I've seen a few cover letters with pretty bad errors in them:
  10. It seems like the only people opposed to sci-hub are the journal publishers:
  11. TEU is being disingenuous - NZ universities have been profit-driven for decades:
  12. A brief overview of machine learning:
  13. Using machine learning to clean data before applying machine learning to it:
  14. List of five deep learning code demos:
  15. Neural networks explained using a corporate analogy:
  16. Why you should never answer questions about salary in a job interview:
  17. The killer business apps of deep learning:
  18. A series of tutorials on the TensorFlow API:
  19. Using AI to get business insights:
  20. Potential applications of AI in banking:
  21. How ratty data messes up machine learning algorithms:
  22. Finding how deep neural networks arrive at decisions:
  23. Enabling sales with machine learning:
  24. Brief example of web scraping with R:
  25. Instagram is using machine learning to filter hurtful comments:
  26. Trust your head, not your gut, your gut is the one part of your body that's guaranteed to be full of cr*p:
  27. Might to time to start holding these kinds of competitions in countries other than the USA:
  28. The WCCI 2018 call for papers is out:
  29. Generative adversarial networks producing new styles of art:
  30. Richard Feynman's essay on cargo cult science:


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