Friday, August 4, 2017

Neural Networks, Volume 93, Pages 1-266, September 2017

1. A new method for quantifying the performance of EEG blind source separation algorithms by referencing a simultaneously recorded ECoG signal   
Author(s): Naoya Oosugi, Keiichi Kitajo, Naomi Hasegawa, Yasuo Nagasaka, Kazuo Okanoya, Naotaka Fujii
Pages: 1-6

2. An online supervised learning method based on gradient descent for spiking neurons   
Author(s): Yan Xu, Jing Yang, Shuiming Zhong
Pages: 7-20

3. Cellular computational generalized neuron network for frequency situational intelligence in a multi-machine power system   
Author(s): Yawei Wei, Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy
Pages: 21-35

4. Sparse subspace clustering for data with missing entries and high-rank matrix completion   
Author(s): Jicong Fan, Tommy W.S. Chow
Pages: 36-44

5. Hybrid neuro-heuristic methodology for simulation and control of dynamic systems over time interval   
Author(s): Marcin Woźniak, Dawid Połap
Pages: 45-56

6. Emergence of ultrafast sparsely synchronized rhythms and their responses to external stimuli in an inhomogeneous small-world complex neuronal network   
Author(s): Sang-Yoon Kim, Woochang Lim
Pages: 57-75

7. Ordinal regression based on learning vector quantization   
Author(s): Fengzhen Tang, Peter Tiňo
Pages: 76-88

8. Synchronization of stochastic reaction–diffusion neural networks with Dirichlet boundary conditions and unbounded delays   
Author(s): Yin Sheng, Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 89-98

9. Nonredundant sparse feature extraction using autoencoders with receptive fields clustering   
Author(s): Babajide O. Ayinde, Jacek M. Zurada
Pages: 99-109

10. Fractional-order leaky integrate-and-fire model with long-term memory and power law dynamics   
Author(s): Wondimu W. Teka, Ranjit Kumar Upadhyay, Argha Mondal
Pages: 110-125

11. Collective neurodynamic optimization for economic emission dispatch problem considering valve point effect in microgrid   
Author(s): Tiancai Wang, Xing He, Tingwen Huang, Chuandong Li, Wei Zhang
Pages: 126-136

12. Bayesian geodesic path for human motor control   
Author(s): Ken Takiyama
Pages: 137-142

13. Pinning synchronization of memristor-based neural networks with time-varying delays   
Author(s): Zhanyu Yang, Biao Luo, Derong Liu, Yueheng Li
Pages: 143-151

14. Memristor standard cellular neural networks computing in the flux–charge domain   
Author(s): Mauro Di Marco, Mauro Forti, Luca Pancioni
Pages: 152-164

15. Master–slave exponential synchronization of delayed complex-valued memristor-based neural networks via impulsive control   
Author(s): Xiaofan Li, Jian-an Fang, Huiyuan Li
Pages: 165-175

16. Hybrid impulsive and switching Hopfield neural networks with state-dependent impulses   
Author(s): Xianxiu Zhang, Chuandong Li, Tingwen Huang
Pages: 176-184

17. Deep neural mapping support vector machines   
Author(s): Yujian Li, Ting Zhang
Pages: 185-194

18. Adaptive near-optimal neuro controller for continuous-time nonaffine nonlinear systems with constrained input   
Author(s): Kasra Esfandiari, Farzaneh Abdollahi, Heidar Ali Talebi
Pages: 195-204

19. Robust recursive absolute value inequalities discriminant analysis with sparseness   
Author(s): Chun-Na Li, Zeng-Rong Zheng, Ming-Zeng Liu, Yuan-Hai Shao, Wei-Jie Chen
Pages: 205-218

20. Accelerating deep neural network training with inconsistent stochastic gradient descent   
Author(s): Linnan Wang, Yi Yang, Renqiang Min, Srimat Chakradhar
Pages: 219-229

21. Multi-scale modeling of altered synaptic plasticity related to Amyloid image effects   
Author(s): Takumi Matsuzawa, László Zalányi, Tamás Kiss, Péter Érdi
Pages: 230-239

22. Novel density-based and hierarchical density-based clustering algorithms for uncertain data   
Author(s): Xianchao Zhang, Han Liu, Xiaotong Zhang
Pages: 240-255

23. Recommender system based on scarce information mining   
Author(s): Wei Lu, Fu-lai Chung, Kunfeng Lai, Liang Zhang
Pages: 256-266

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