Monday, October 30, 2017

Evolving Systems, Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2017

1. Evolving learners’ behavior in data mining
Author(s): Nitin Pise, Parag Kulkarni
Pages: 243-259

2. Characterizing evolving behavior of context vectors for context based clustering
Author(s): Anagha R Kulkarni, Vrinda Tokekar, Parag Kulkarni
Pages: 261-269

3. Calculating production by using short term demand forecasting models: a case study of fuel supply system
Author(s): Amir Abbas Shojaie, Ali Dolatshahi Zand, Shahrzad Vafaie
Pages: 271-285

4. Constrained improved particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimal operation of large scale reservoir: proposing three approaches
Author(s): R. Moeini, M. Babaei
Pages: 287-301

5. A novel online multi-label classifier for high-speed streaming data applications
Author(s): Rajasekar Venkatesan, Meng Joo Er, Mihika Dave, Mahardhika Pratama
Pages: 303-315

6. Editorial of the special issue: adaptive and intelligent systems (AIS) for learning, control and optimization in dynamic environments
Author(s): Anthony Fleury, Edwin Lughofer, Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh
Pages: 317-31

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