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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 25, Issue 6, December 2017

1. Guest Editorial Special Section on Fuzzy Systems in Data Science
Author(s): Jie Lu; Francisco Herrera; Guangquan Zhang
Pages: 1373-1375

2.  Evolutionary Fuzzy Rule-Based Methods for Monotonic Classification
Author(s): Jesús Alcalá-Fdez; Rafael Alcalá; Sergio González;  Yusuke Nojima; Salvador García
Pages: 1376-1390

3.  Probabilistic Fuzzy Classification for Stochastic Data
Author(s): Han-Xiong Li; Yan Wang;  Geng Zhang
Pages: 1391-1402

4.  Efficient Multiple Kernel Classification Using Feature and Decision Level Fusion
Author(s): Anthony J. Pinar; Joseph Rice; Lequn Hu; Derek T. Anderson; Timothy C. Havens
Pages: 1403-1416

5.  Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Modeling Using Mixed Fuzzy Clustering
Author(s): Cátia M. Salgado; Joaquim L. Viegas;  Carlos S. Azevedo; Marta C. Ferreira; Susana M. Vieira; João M. C. Sousa
Pages: 1417-1429

6.  Fuzzy Consensus Clustering With Applications on Big Data
Author(s): Junjie Wu; Zhiang Wu; Jie Cao; Hongfu Liu;   Guoqing Chen; Yanchun Zhang
Pages: 1430-1445

7.  Compounding General Purpose Membership Functions for Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Under Noisy Environment
Author(s): Rahul Kumar Sevakula; Nishchal Kumar Verma
Pages: 1446-1459

8.  Incorporating Diversity and Informativeness in Multiple-Instance Active Learning
Author(s): Ran Wang; Xi-Zhao Wang; Sam Kwong; Chen Xu
Pages: 1460-1475

9.  Fuzzy-Based Information Decomposition for Incomplete and Imbalanced Data Learning
Author(s): Shigang Liu; Jun Zhang; Yang Xiang; Wanlei Zhou
Pages: 1476-1490

10.  Streaming Feature Selection for Multilabel Learning Based on Fuzzy Mutual Information
Author(s): Yaojin Lin; Qinghua Hu; Jinghua Liu; Jinjin Li;  Xindong Wu
Pages: 1491-1507

11.  Dynamic Rough-Fuzzy Support Vector Clustering
Author(s): Ramiro Saltos; Richard Weber; Sebastián Maldonado
Pages: 1508-1521

12.  Driver Drowsiness Estimation From EEG Signals Using Online Weighted Adaptation Regularization for Regression (OwARR)
Author(s): Dongrui Wu; Vernon J. Lawhern; Stephen Gordon; Brent J. Lance; Chin-Teng Lin
Pages: 1522-1535

13.  A New Fuzzy Set and Nonkernel SVM Approach for Mislabeled Binary Classification With Applications
Author(s): Ye Tian; Miao Sun; Zhibin Deng; Jian Luo;   Yueqing Li
Pages: 1536-1545

14.  Learning Large-Scale Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Based on Compressed Sensing and Application in Reconstructing Gene Regulatory Networks
Author(s): Kai Wu; Jing Liu
Pages: 1546-1560

15.  A Pythagorean-Type Fuzzy Deep Denoising Autoencoder for Industrial Accident Early Warning
Author(s): Yu-Jun Zheng; Sheng-Yong Chen; Yu Xue; Jin-Yun Xue
Pages: 1561-1575

16.  Fuzzy Resilient Energy-to-Peak Filtering for Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Xiao-Heng Chang; Ju H. Park; Peng Shi
Pages: 1576-1588

17.  Approximate Reasoning on a Basis of Z-Number-Valued If–Then Rules
Author(s): Rafik A. Aliev; Witold Pedrycz; Oleg H. Huseynov; Serife Zihni Eyupoglu
Pages: 1589-1600

18.  Takagi–Sugeno Dynamic Neuro-Fuzzy Controller of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Jorge Cervantes; Wen Yu; Sergio Salazar; Isaac Chairez
Pages: 1601-1615

19.  Filtering for Discrete-Time Switched Fuzzy Systems With Quantization
Author(s): Shanling Dong; Hongye Su; Peng Shi; Renquan Lu; Zheng-Guang Wu
Pages: 1616-1628

20.  Reachable Set Estimation and Decentralized Controller Design for Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems With Time-Varying Delay and Input Constraint
Author(s): Zhixiong Zhong; Rong-Jong Wai; Zhenhua Shao; Min Xu
Pages: 1629-1643

21.  Vector t-Norms With Applications
Author(s): LeSheng Jin
Pages: 1644-1654

22.  Bayesian Takagi–Sugeno–Kang Fuzzy Classifier
Author(s): Xiaoqing Gu; Fu-Lai Chung; Shitong Wang
Pages: 1655-1671

23.  Fuzzy-Model-Based Sampled-Data Control of Chaotic Systems: A Fuzzy Time-Dependent Lyapunov–Krasovskii Functional Approach
Author(s): Yueying Wang; Yuanqing Xia; Pingfang Zhou
Pages: 1672-1684

24.  A New Aggregation Method-Based Error Analysis for Decision-Theoretic Rough Sets and Its Application in Hesitant Fuzzy Information Systems
Author(s): Decui Liang; Zeshui Xu; Dun Liu
Pages: 1685-1697

25.  Visualizing and Reasoning With Imperfect Time Intervals in 2-D
Author(s): Christophe Billiet; Nico Van de Weghe; Jeroen Deploige; Guy De Tré
Pages: 1698-1713

26. Computing Interval Weights for Incomplete Pairwise-Comparison Matrices of Large Dimension—A Weak-Consistency-Based Approach
Author(s): Věra Jandová; Jana Krejčí; Jan Stoklasa;   Michele Fedrizzi
Pages: 1714-1728

27.  Regulating Constraint Obedience for Fuzzy Mechanical Systems Based on β -Measure and a General Lyapunov Function
Author(s): Xiuye Wang; Han Zhao; Qinqin Sun; Ye-Hwa Chen
Pages: 1729-1740

28.  Fundamental Properties With Respect to the Completeness of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Partially Ordered Set
Author(s): Zhenghai Ai; Zeshui Xu; Qian Lei
Pages: 1741-1751

29.  VD-IT2, Virtual Disk Cloning on Disk Arrays Using a Type-2 Fuzzy Controller
Author(s): Guillermo Navarro; David K. Umberger; Milos Manic
Pages: 1752-1764

30.  Admissibilization of Singular Interval-Valued Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): Zhiguang Feng; Peng Shi
Pages: 1765-1776

31. Mixed Fuzzy Clustering for Misaligned Time Series
Author(s): Cátia M. Salgado; Marta C. Ferreira; Susana M. Vieira
Pages: 1777-1794

32.  Fuzzy Regression Transfer Learning in Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Models
Author(s): Hua Zuo; Guangquan Zhan; Witold Pedryc ;   Vahid Behbood; Jie Lu
Pages: 1795-1807

33. A Novel Approach to Reliable Output Feedback Control of Fuzzy-Affine Systems With Time Delays and Sensor Faults
Author(s): Yanling Wei; Jianbin Qiu; Hak-Keung Lam
Pages: 1808-1823

34.  Finite-Time Stabilization of a Class of T–S Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): Yue Li; Lu Liu; Gang Feng
Pages: 1824-1829

35.  A Belief-Evolution-Based Approach for Online Control of Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems Under Partial ObservationA Belief-Evolution-Based Approach for Online Control of Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems Under Partial Observation
Author(s): Xiang Yin
Pages: 1830-1836

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